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5 Qatari Fashion Brands to Know and Love

5 Qatari Fashion Brands to Know and Love

Tiiya. Photo: Instagram/@tiiyaofficial

As one of the biggest consumers of luxury fashion in the Middle East, with a thriving local fashion industry of its own, Qatar is home to many ready-to-wear and haute couture labels.
Here, Vogue Arabia highlights five of Qatar’s best fashion brands to know.
Tiiya is an haute couture label that was established in 2010 and has gone from strength to strength since. Named after its founder, Qatari designer Alanoud Alattiya, the brand is known for its opulent gowns and dresses in rich fabrics laden with beading. Alattiya had been the first Qatari to export a non-gas and petrol product with the label “Made in Qatar,” when her brand became the first in the Arabian Gulf to ever be stocked in Harrods, London in 2008.
Hissa Haddad
Hissa Haddad. Photo: Instagram/@hissahaddad

Hissa Haddad (HH) is a luxury footwear brand of Italian-made shoes, established by Qatari entrepreneur and designer Hissa Al Haddad. Having launched her eponymous label in October 2017, during Paris Fashion Week, Hissa Haddad is the first Qatari female designer to manufacture in Italy. The brand is known for its satin and leather heels with designs inspired by the architecture of Qatar, and historical and Islamic art. HH had also been selected by the British Fashion Council to be showcased during London Fashion Week in their dedicated designer showrooms.
Yasmin Mansour
Yasmin Mansour. Photo: Instagram/@yasminmansourofficial

Yasmin Mansour is one of the first luxury womenswear labels based in Qatar, which is inspired by Arab culture and traditional women’s clothing. Qatari designer Yasmin Mansour established the brand in 2014, with the aim to empower women with her unique and one-of-a-kind designs that are also sustainable. Her feminine yet bold pieces have also found fans in regional stars like Raya Abirached and Tara Emad.
Ghada Albuainain
Ghada Albuainain. Photo: Instagram/@ghadaalbuainainofficial

Ghada Albuainain is a fine jewelry brand founded by Ghada Rashid Al Buainain in 2015, with her belief in the transformative power of jewelry and her distinctive perception of it. The Qatari designer had been one of the first two from the country to showcase her work at New York Fashion Week in 2019. She finds inspiration in the beauty of everyday objects and turns them into wearable objects using unconventional metals that elevate the “industrial” look of her pieces.
Harlienz. Photo: Instagram/@harlienz

Harlienz is a contemporary fashion brand founded by Qatari designer Haya Al Adsani in 2013, out of her desire to use apparel as a visual outlet for her travel inspirations. Alongside Ghada Albuainain, Harlienz had been the first Qatari label to be on the New York Fashion Week schedule in 2019. The self-taught designer Adsani creates easy-to-wear, versatile, and must-have essentials in the form of abayas and jalabiyas that can take you from day to night. Her minimalistic abayas have been worn by HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, as well as renowned designer Diane Von Furstenberg.
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