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Dubai Fashion Week FW23: Weinsanto Presents a Collection About Love and Achievements

Dubai Fashion Week FW23: Weinsanto Presents a Collection About Love and Achievements

Victor Weinsanto, the creative force behind his eponymous brand, brought his sartorial excellence to Day 3 of Dubai Fashion Week of FW23.  The young designer, who launched his brand in 2020 was originally a dancer and is known for his playful spirit – his shows are often full of theatrics and drama that can only come from a deep seeded love for performance art.
Before going out on his own, Weinsanto had worked at renowned brands such as Y/project and Chloé but his greatest experience came from working for two years with Jean Paul Gaultier, another designer known for his ability in transcending boundaries while having fun with fashion. Weinsanto often finds inspiration in live entertainment and art, choosing his muses and friends from creative backgrounds as models and even collaborating with some.
This designer who launched his debut collection in Paris under the watchful eye of fashion royalty such as Simon Porte Jacquemus and Adrian Joffe is now ready to present his colorful creations to everyone in Dubai.

Read on to know all about Weinsanto’s Dubai Fashion Week FW23 show.
Tell us a bit about your collection being showcased at Dubai Fashion Week.The collection I will be showcasing in Dubai is called ‘The Life we deserve… or not’. It is all about love and achievements. The base print is made by my best friend and artist Romain Eugene Campens and is a really good representation of what I love. It’s colorful but also really abstract. The shapes are both huge and fitted and you will also find a lot of corsetry that I love.

What kind of woman are your designs made for?My designs are made for strong personalities but I genuinely would love to see a lot of different women wearing my designs. I love when my best friend and my mum love the same piece. That means to me that the brand can represent a lot of people. My clients are coming from a lot of different places in the world and are often completely different, I love that!

How does it feel to be a part of the inaugural Dubai Fashion Week?
It’s a huge honor to be part of the inaugural Dubai Fashion Week! I am extremely grateful to the council for trusting me and allowing me to showcase my work in Dubai. I love the culture here but what I love even more is that Dubai is now a major city for fashion and creativity.

The cast of your show also features Tunisian model Ameni Esseibi. What makes her an ideal fit for Weinsanto?Ameni inspires me so much and is such an inspiration for so many women in the world. I love her because she is fierce but also because she is a really kind person. She deserves the world and I am grateful to see her in my design. We definitely need way more diversity on the runways.

Name one regional and international celebrity you would love to see in your designs.It’s hard to choose one so I would say two. I would love to see Rihanna and Beyoncé wearing one of my designs.What’s next for your brand?We will soon discover what is next but hopefully something great. I would love to do more collaborations and grow our retailers. I love not knowing what is gonna be next. It is scary and exciting at the same time. Fingers crossed.Read Next: Everything to Know About the Upcoming Dubai Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023/24

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