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Sarabande to Stage an Encore Exhibition at The Standard, High Line

Sarabande to Stage an Encore Exhibition at The Standard, High Line

LONDON — Sarabande, the foundation established by Lee Alexander McQueen, is returning to New York in early May for another creative industries event at The Plaza at The Standard, High Line.
The event will take place on May 2, with new work by Sarabande’s alumni on show; a live performance by Sarabande artist Rosie Gibbens, and a new installation by Sarabande menswear scholar Andrew Davis. 

Sarabande said the aim is to introduce the broader New York creative community to the foundation, and its multidisciplinary artists and creative talents who work across fashion, design and craft.

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There will also be an auction, with prizes including a one-off Alexander McQueen handbag and a special tour of the Sarabande studios in east London along with a four-night stay at The Standard near King’s Cross Station. 

Sarabande director Trino Verkade described the foundation’s London space as “a home for creatives from all over the world” and said New York “has the same multicultural and multidisciplinary heartbeat.”

She added: “Our dream of opening Sarabande studios in New York City is very much our focus. This event is another step forward in sharing Sarabande’s world, amplifying the work we do with our creative partners at The Standard hotel, and building our community for the future.” 

Menswear designer Davis, an American from Minnesota, is Sarabande scholar at Central Saint Martins in London. He explores alternative ways to work with common materials.

During lockdown, while staying in Colorado, he created a series of Scotch tape sculptures that fused his fashion with figurative sculpture.

“Warp and Weft” was a project that mimicked the real mechanical process of fashion design. Davis wove the fabric from tape, cut the patterns and sewed the fabric as if it were cloth. He filled the final garments with paper, and placed them on mannequins.

His tape sculpture will remain on display at The Standard, High Line through Frieze Week, which runs from May 17 to 21.

Last May, Sarabande hosted a fundraising gala at The Standard, High Line and revealed plans to set up its first international outpost in New York City.

The “Dream with Sarabande” dinner marked the start of the foundation’s activity in New York, where it plans to replicate the studio/gallery model it has in London.

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