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Why the Charm of Gold Medallions is Needed Now More Than Ever

Why the Charm of Gold Medallions is Needed Now More Than Ever

T.MØNSTER The Stories of Our Soul collection. Courtesy T. MØNSTER
The latest collection drop from Danish-Canadian fine jewelry design house T. Mønster reveals solid gold and diamond medallions each as covetable as the next. They speak with contemporary finesse to ancient celestial and mythical tales. “I looked outward into the universe, to stars and constellations,” shares fine jewelry designer Tina Mønster who has been crafting statement fine jewelry for almost a decade. “The alignment of the stars creating constellations is another way humans look into their souls. Humans love mythology and storytelling; we connect to the fate of being born when the stars are aligned in our Zodiac sign.”
And what a time to be alive. Climate activist Greta Thunberg is the launch cover star of Vogue Scandinavia–the newest Vogue to join the international roster. The launch happens at when the latest IPCC reports reaffirm a desperate climate emergency. Global temperatures are at their highest for 125,000 years. Meanwhile Covid levels continue to fluctuate globally and anti-vaxxers are storming the streets of world capitals.
Sometimes desperate times call for a Lion’s Gate Portal. Bella Hadid recently dedicated an entire Instagram post to her desire to manifest an open heart with the bravery of a lion. Many have been turning quite literally to the stars for guidance, embracing astrology. While the study of planetary positioning having an actual influence on a person’s behavior and future is not confirmed by science, it doesn’t deter millions to flock to read their zodiac on a monthly if not daily basis. One of the earliest forms of storytelling, humans gravitate to celestial symbols to share personal details of themselves with others.

T.MØNSTER Constellations. Courtesy T. MØNSTER
The new drop by T.Mønster offers various storytelling “chapters” to do just that. A collection of 12 Zodiac constellations represents the astrological signs of birth months. Meanwhile, a collection of Kindred spirits talks to animals representing the “animal soul,” the animal with whom the human feels connected to via character traits. Finally, another medallion collection honors the feminine soul celebrating both Mother and Goddess. A gold clip chain offers the possibility to wear various pendants, maillons, and links to connect several medallions to fashion one’s personal story. On the first day of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Vogue Arabia speaks to Mønster on the timeless allure of the medallion, the heart of her latest tour de force collection.
The birth of The Stories of Our Soul collection stems from where?It came about while I was thinking I really wanted to create a line of jewelry that gave the wearer the opportunity to wear their heart on their sleeve or should I say wear their soul on their décolleté. A few years ago, while I was living in Denmark, I would see these beautiful people lightly decorated in tattoos. Not full sleeve tattoos but tattoos in a very exquisite Danish way. An elegant woman in jeans, a thick belt, and cashmere sweater sitting at a café would reach for her latte and her sleeve would let her wrist breath a little and there you would see this beautiful little line tattoo. Danes are always so precise and make very concise decisions, so whatever they chose to engrave on their skin represents something to them or gives deep meaning into who they feel they are; their tattoos tell a story of their soul. I wanted to create a jewelry line that used a single line tattoo style and then I thought most about how humans connect to their spiritual selves. I feel that we look to nature to connect to ourselves, so I researched various animals, plants, and other living things to find out about the various characteristics that embody certain creatures.   

T.MØNSTER 10KT Gold chain link with mini diamond nut maillion and Lyra medallin. Courtesy T. MØNSTER

What medallions are the most precious to you and why?
The medallions most precious to me would have to be Mother and Goddess. Being a mother has given me purpose and helped me to mature. Motherhood thrusted me into becoming more patient and tolerant. It has built up my self-esteem and shown me the importance of bravely standing tall in the face of fear. My mother left when I was young, and it left me with deep wounds. My daughter has mended these wounds; her existence is the greatest gift I have ever been given. I feel so honored to have been given this remarkable experience of being a mother. The Goddess medallion holds a special place in my heart because I think that we bear the fruit of femininity when we channel the divine energy that births our strength to survive. Goddess represents femininity, femininity is strong and any sex can choose to channel its power if they have the honesty and willingness to do so. 

T.MØNSTER 10 karat viper kindred spirit medallion

Sustainability is such a core topic in fashion now. Where are the pieces made?Because we wanted to work with state-of-the-art equipment, we decided to expand our production line internationally. We now work with manufacturers in India to create pieces with a low carbon footprint. We carefully chose manufacturers that had deep knowledge of creating this type of jewelry. We are excited to be creating pieces in solid 10 Karat gold with diamonds, but we will also offer some pieces in solid .925 silver and gold vermeil. We believe in creating an inclusive brand that allows everyone to have an opportunity to adorn themselves in something special.
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