Lisa Says Gah Channels the ‘Tomato Girl’ Trend With Limited-edition Hunt’s Collaboration

Lisa Says Gah Channels the ‘Tomato Girl’ Trend With Limited-edition Hunt’s Collaboration

Slow fashion brand Lisa Says Gah has teamed up with Hunt’s to launch the tomato girl collection of your dreams.
The popular TikTok trend takes inspiration from Italy’s luxe coastline, embracing all things glamorous, bold and naturally, red. #Tomatogirlsummer has taken the app by storm, garnering millions of likes, mentions and views.

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Now Lisa Says Gah and Hunt’s are getting in on the tomato girl craze with a limited-edition capsule. Launching on Friday at noon PT, the Hunt’s Says Gah collection includes dangle earrings, a tote bag and one of the sustainable clothing brand’s bestselling Alex Tees.

Hunt’s Says Gah Tomato earrings.

Lisa Says Gah

Retailing for $48, the Tomato earrings are small gold-plated brass hoops adorned with handmade glass charms shaped like the fruit. The oversize canvas tote, $18, is decorated with a large tomato graphic flanked by tiny red flowers and “tomato girl” lettering in three fun fonts.

The Hunt’s Says Gah Alex Tee, crafted with 100 percent recycled cotton, is printed with a can of Hunt’s whole tomatoes. Priced at $75, this limited-edition iteration of Lisa Says Gah’s fan-favorite baby T-shirt features a formfitting, cropped silhouette.

All three items, like the rest of Lisa Says Gah’s in-house collection, are made ethically in the U.S.

Hunt’s Says Gah tote bag.

Lisa Says Gah

Lisa Bühler launched Lisa Says Gah out of her San Francisco apartment in 2014. The kitschy retailer deals in a variety of indie fashion brands, including Dauphinette, House of Sunny and Lisa Says Gah’s own namesake label.

After several successful pop-ups, Bühler opened the first Lisa Says Gah boutique in Los Angeles’ trendy Echo Park neighborhood in 2022. Next, Bühler plans to bring Lisa Says Gah stores to New York City and San Francisco.

“A lot of people saw our brand’s values, and it coincided with what they wanted to buy,” Bühler told WWD in 2022.

TikTok’s Live Shopping Pilot Attempts to Make Sellers’ Lives Easier

TikTok’s Live Shopping Pilot Attempts to Make Sellers’ Lives Easier

TikTok has a new partner that can help the social media giant push product to consumers as part of its recently launched shopping pilot.
Cymbio, a solution designed to enable brands to start selling on multiple marketplaces at once and offer dropshipping capabilities, revealed it is helping power the controversial platform’s TikTok Shop feature, which gives brands a potential reach of 150 million U.S. consumers.

TikTok Shop is available in the U.K., as well as Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore among others, and is expected to expand beyond trial mode in the U.S. market by the fourth quarter of 2023.

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The shopping feature is designed to enable merchants, brands and creators to easily showcase and sell products directly within the TikTok app. Where Cymbio’s technology comes in is by embedding a brand’s product data and information to TikTok’s in-video, live shopping offering.

Apparel brands like PacSun, Revolve and Willow Boutique are among the first sellers that have joined the trial. Users who want to shop these brands’ products can tap on the shopping bag icon on the brand’s profile to view their catalogues and complete the checkout process without leaving TikTok’s app. TikTok says it will take a 5 percent commission on each in-app sale a business makes.

Cymbio’s digital commerce enablement platform is built for brands of any size to access a centralized platform where they can have a hands-off approach to their back-end operations in an effort to scale sales across various channels. The platform can automate the management of marketplaces, dropship and social media sales and operations, including data integration, set-up, mapping, taxonomy, onboarding and daily management of a brand’s operational needs.

With Cymbio, for example, brands leveraging TikTok Shop can automate the processes of listing products, managing inventory, streamlining order processing, fulfillment and tracking orders and analytics.

“Partnering with Cymbio is a great choice, allowing for seamless and quick connectivity and automation to our platform,” said Sandie Hawkins, head of TikTok Shop, in a statement. “Brands such as New Balance can easily monetize on TikTok, reducing shopping friction and engaging buyers at the exact moment of interest. We look forward to seeing this partnership flourish and helping brands grow.”

The company has provided its services to major names in the fashion industry such as New Balance, Authentic Brands Group, Steve Madden and Camper in an effort to help them get in front of new customers and channels. Through Cymbio’s platform, these brands have been introduced to retailers and marketplaces including Farfetch, Kohl’s Corp., Macy’s Inc., Dillard’s Inc., Saks Inc., Urban Outfitters Inc., Walmart Inc., Zappos and others. 

“We are thrilled to partner with TikTok, enabling brands multichannel opportunities to reach a brand new, highly engaged audience via TikTok Shop,” said Roy Avidor, chief executive officer and cofounder of Cymbio, in a statement. “We are humbled and excited to expand and value TikTok Shop as a high-growth opportunity for brands of all sizes.”

Social commerce in general has had plenty of attempts to get off the ground, but U.S. consumers have never committed to buying off of the platforms. After pushing its Shop feature heavily during the COVID-19 pandemic, Instagram removed the Shop tab in January and shuttered its livestream shopping feature on March 16. Instagram’s sister social network Facebook also shut down its live shopping feature in October to shift its focus to its short-form video feature Reels.

But TikTok apparently has been able to at least convince people to buy a product elsewhere after seeing it on the app — perhaps influencing the company’s decision to go forward with TikTok Shop. The phrase “TikTok made me buy it” has garnered 7.4 billion views across videos on the platform, in fact, and the hashtag has generated a whopping 47.2 billion views.

TikTok continues its attempt to capitalize on social commerce as doubts seep in about the future of the platform in the U.S. amid concerns of its data collection methods.

In a five-hour hearing on Thursday, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew was grilled by Congress over the firm’s use of consumer data, its parent company’s potential ties to the Chinese government and the app’s impact on mental health.

Lawmakers across the aisle have been critical of the platform, with some calling for either an outright ban on it and others calling for a sale by the China-based parent, ByteDance. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Thursday that TikTok “should be ended one way or another, and there are different ways of doing that.”

To date, U.S. lawmakers have offered no evidence of TikTok harming U.S. national security interests.

Amelia Dimoldenberg Takes to Soapbox Islington With Coach’s Dream It Real Initiative

Amelia Dimoldenberg Takes to Soapbox Islington With Coach’s Dream It Real Initiative

LONDON — Inspiring young people.
Coach hosted its first Dream Day of the year at SoapBox Islington in London with singer and songwriter Bree Runway and YouTube’s chicken shop connoisseur Amelia Dimoldenberg as part of the Coach Foundation’s partnership with specialist music college SoundSkool and the charity UK Youth.

The event was part of Coach’s Dream It Real, an initiative with the goal of providing 5,000 students from underrepresented communities in North America, China, Japan and the U.K. scholarships and mentorship by 2025.

The program kicked off with Runway and Dimoldenberg spending time with the young people followed by a question-and-answer session. 

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“I only ever partner and work with brands that I genuinely and authentically believe in,” Dimoldenberg told WWD over email.

“Growing up, I do always remember the signature Coach handbags. They felt like a timeless accessory. I feel like I wear a lot of colorful, playful looks so for me it just felt like a natural fit. Coach also isn’t afraid to push boundaries, which is something I feel reflects my approach to the work that I do,” she added.

Amelia Dimoldenberg and Bree Runway attend Coach Foundation x UK Youth Dream Day Event Dream It Real at Soapbox Islington Youth Centre.

Dave Benett/Getty Images for Coach Stores Ltd

Dimoldenberg hosted her first red carpet for the Globes Globes on Jan. 10, which has made her want to spend more time in the U.S. Her interaction with Andrew Garfield went viral across social media with the two of them awkwardly flirting, which is what Dimoldenberg often does on her YouTube series “Chicken Shop Date,” which has garnered in the likes of Rosalía, Jack Harlow, Matt Healy from The 1975 and more.

“It made me feel incredibly excited about how I could do more over there, and how I could develop new formats and ideas for that market. I felt very welcomed by the U.S. audiences and it’s great to see the work that I have done across the last decade building my brand, is now starting to translate internationally,” said Dimoldenberg.

She has plans to “work behind the camera” with some projects already underway that she’s working on behind the scenes.

“And of course I will also be continuing on my quest for true love, and have some really exciting Chicken Shop Dates lined up that I think people will really love. The romance never stops,” explained Dimoldenberg.

Although Coach has been involved in various Dream It Real initiatives since 2018, the brand’s chief executive officer Todd Kahn told WWD in 2021 that this time around it’s “deeper” and more “intense.”

Kylie Jenner’s Massive Closet Has TikTok Comparing It to a Mall — Watch the Video

Kylie Jenner’s Massive Closet Has TikTok Comparing It to a Mall — Watch the Video

Photo: Getty
Based on her frequent wardrobe changes, one could assume Kylie Jenner has quite the wardrobe. The makeup mogul went ahead and confirmed those suspicions in a recent TikTok.
In a video posted on Saturday evening, Kylie explained that she had intended to film a complete “get ready with me” video for her followers. However, technical difficulties ensued, and instead, she pivoted to a clip that featured her deciding on a purse. “I’m upset, because I filmed a whole get dressed with me for you guys, and I lost it,” she says. “So now I’m dressed…and you can help me pick a bag.”

Serving as Kylie Jenner‘s virtual stylist is noteworthy enough, but it’s her massive closet that’s drawn the attention of TikTok. The room, which is perhaps bigger than my apartment, features long walls of accessories.

After deciding on a purse, Kylie poses in front of a different section of the closet. Floor-to-ceiling displays are again featured behind her. Taking the camera with her as she prepares to exit the room/miniature mall, she shows followers her sunglasses display, which basically looks like a mall kiosk, complete with mirror. On the back side of her sunglasses, you can briefly see what looks to be a hat display.

♬ original sound – Kylie Jenner

Followers compared the closet to a “whole mall,” with one TikTok user writing, “none of us can relate.” Some noted the appearance of an echo, presumably a reflection of the space’s large size, while others pointed to what sound like music being piped through the room. “The elevator music in the back,” wrote one person. Another added, “The wall behind u is like a billion dollars.”
While some users asked to borrow a purse, another genius wrote, “kylie can you buy me an iphone, my parents won’t because they don’t like iPhone, but they gotta understand quality over quantity.”
As TikTok waits for a closet tour, the jokes continued, with one person writing, “THIS IS A CLOSET??? girl i thought you was at the store.”
This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a peek at Kylie’s closet. In a previous clip, Stormi made an appearance, trying on Kylie’s many shoes. It appears as if Stormi will definitely have an assortment of clothing to choose from as she ages. In fact, Kylie recently confessed that she does plan to pass down her Met Gala dresses to her daughter.
Originally published in Teenvogue.com
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TikTok is Obsessed with the ‘Whisper Method’, so can it really help you manifest anything you want?

TikTok is Obsessed with the ‘Whisper Method’, so can it really help you manifest anything you want?

Photo: ShutterstockTikTok users, put down your phones for just a minute, you’re going to want to listen up to this one…
‘Manifesting’ is the buzzword that just doesn’t seem to be going away, and we’re not mad about it. We’re all up for anything that helps us achieve our biggest, bravest dreams through the power of positive thinking and conscious action, I mean, what’s not to love about that? The thing is though, we haven’t yet managed to see our wishes realised (except obv that the Peaky Blinders film is actually happening). But could that all be about to change?
TikTok users believe the viral Whisper Method – a hashtag you’ve probably seen floating about on your fyp – can help you get whatever you want through manifestation.
So not to be left out, we decided to delve further into the viral trend that refuses to fizzle out.
What is the Whisper Method?
The concept of the Whisper Method is similar to that of telekinesis (bear with us), so, in short, it works on the premise that through the power of manifestation, you can get anybody’s attention, Yep,  anybody. Supposedly, using the method can prompt someone you’re thinking of to get in touch with you, all by changing the vibes you’re giving out and focusing on the version of you that you want this specific person to see. Cue thousands of users using it to see if their ex gets back in touch or hoping that their crush will suddenly reach out.
As TikTok user @hothighpriestess explains, you want to first start by creating some positive affirmations and repeating these daily. “What’s going to happen is that these affirmations are going to seep into the brain of the person you’re trying to manifest,” she explains. “And they will begin to view you the way you view yourself.”

Replying to @arlynh15 the whisper method
♬ Paris – 斌杨Remix

Next, she takes us through a step-by-step guide on how to actually carry out the Whisper Method:
“Step one, you’re going to visualize your specific person wherever you think they are going to be right now, get specific and really visualize the scenario. Then you’re going to envisage yourself walking up to them and whispering in their ear – three times – what it is you want them to do,” ok, we’re with you so far.
She gives examples of the kinds of things you could ask of your ‘person’, such as asking them to text you, then according to the Whisper Method, you kiss them on the forehead and envisage walking away.

Then here’s the tricky bit (or at least we think it is), once you leave the space, you need to have “full conviction” that what you’ve asked of them will happen: “be patient because it can literally happy any day.”
And now the crucial question, does the Whisper Method actually work?
Well, from the comments section of the @hothighpriestess’ video, it seems so. “IT WORKSSSS i did this on my ex-bf and now we’re back together again and it’s safe to say that we’re both happy,” wrote one, while another added: “No stop it actually worked I did it yesterday and he told me he was thinking about me today.”

But this isn’t the only video of its kind, in fact, there are now thousands of videos on the app that are tagged with #whispermethod or #whisperingmethod, with many users gushing over the effectiveness of the technique.
“Did you try this? Works like ✨magic✨,” one from user @manifesting.cheat.codes is captioned, while the video explains, “this is how I manifested him to message me in just 3 minutes.”

Did you try this? Works like ✨magic✨ #manifestingmethods #manifestation #whisperchallenge #spirituality #shifting #777 #888hz
♬ snowfall (Slowed + Reverb) – Øneheart & Reidenshi

Another user adds text over the top of her video, saying: “It 100% works,” before writing out the message she received from her ‘person’ after trying the method, “I just randomly started thinking about you so much. Can we please take and fix things? Please I love you.”

Use my guide to see results quicker #whispermethod #manifestingatext #manifestingadvice #manifestingspecificperson #manifestinghimback #manifestingtechniques
♬ original sound – Vinnie

The hashtag is also flooded with people trialing out the Whisper Method for themselves, including those without any former manifestation understanding and success. Though we must admit that there are varying results, some feel it worked for them almost instantly, while others are still waiting for the result or just downright skeptical it will work at all.
Here’s our thinking: it’s free to do, it doesn’t take long and in the process, you’re building up your own confidence and harnessing your own power. What’s the downside in that, right?

Originally published in Glamourmagazine.co.uk

This TikTok Creator’s Stellar Wardrobe Fuses Modest Style, ’80s Silhouettes, and Thrifting

This TikTok Creator’s Stellar Wardrobe Fuses Modest Style, ’80s Silhouettes, and Thrifting

TikTok: Courtesy of @hdnsnotarnd
We all have our proclivities when it comes to fashion—but have you ever heard of a wardrobe that seamlessly combines elements of modest style, 1980s silhouettes, and thrift-store finds? That’s exactly what Hodan Yousuf’s closet does. A 27-year-old content creator known as Houdini (@hdnsnotarnd) on TikTok, Yousuf joined the app last October and has gained more than 128,000 followers since. They flock to her page for her distinctive fashion sense, which is “90 percent thrifted” and heavy on power blazers, men’s ties, and big shoulder pads.
“I mostly gravitate toward a masculine look, so most of my inspirations come from men’s fashion and street style,” she tells Vogue. “I take those ideas and pair them with feminine items, creating a mix of the two silhouettes.” The creator—who is Muslim—adds that she also wants to prove that embracing modest silhouettes doesn’t have to mean sacrificing personal style. “My faith is an important component when it comes to my wardrobe and image,” she says. “The fashion industry lacks proper representation for a lot of minority groups. As an individual in this field, I want to inspire people to have the courage to express themselves, and I hope they can find that through my work.”
Below, Yousuf discusses what’s in her closet, where she enjoys shopping, and what idea she wants to tackle on TikTok next.

TikTok: Courtesy of @hdnsnotarnd
Vogue: What made you want to start creating on TikTok?
Hodan Yousuf: Initially, my main focus was blogging on Instagram. Since the pandemic’s start, TikTok slowly became the app I found myself more drawn to, especially creatively. With the growing fashion community on the app, who wouldn’t feel inspired? The pandemic took a toll on my creative process. Scrolling through TikTok helped me regain my passion for creating. When I posted my first two videos, they started gaining a lot of attention, to my surprise. I ended up getting an influx of engagement and followers in just three days. I was shocked at the response I got. I wasn’t expecting it at all, to be honest.
What’s your process for creating? Where do you get ideas?
My favorite thing to do is people-watch. It’s inspiring to see what people are wearing in real time: how the clothing falls on their bodies, the movements, and how they choose to layer and accessorize. I mostly gravitate toward a masculine look, so most of my inspirations come from men’s fashion and street style. I take those ideas and pair them with feminine items, creating a mix of the two silhouettes. It’s very visually appealing in my eyes, especially on taller women like myself. It makes me feel very powerful. Other forms of inspiration come from runway shows and anime: I love to recreate particular looks using thrifted items. Unfortunately, I do not have runway money like that, so we are sticking to thrift and vintage shops for now. Nevertheless, I have way more freedom and accessibility in constructing my outfits without being limited to one aesthetic when thrifting.
How would you describe your style?
My style changes depending on my mood. Some days I’m swimming in oversized clothing, some days I’m dressed more tailored, other times it’s a bit more feminine. It’s just based on pure vibes at the end of the day. For all I know, I might wake up one day and decide to try something completely different from what I am currently doing. So there is no pigeonholing here.

TikTok: Courtesy of @hdnsnotarnd
What are some of your most worn pieces?
Some 90% of my wardrobe is thrifted, so my most worn pieces currently are my collection of oversized men’s blazers that I cropped. When I’m super lazy but still want to look put together, I’ll throw on a cropped blazer and pair it with some high-waist trousers and call it a day.
Your style seems to have a real flair for 1980s-style blazers. Are you a fan of the era?
Two words: shoulder pads. I love an exaggerated look. I love strong shoulders. I love structure and tailoring, and I love how it makes me feel. I also like the silhouette and the proportions that this era elicits. I’m 5 feet 10, and most of that height has gone to my legs. So when I wear blazers or shirts with shoulder pads, I love how much space it makes me take up and the fact that it leaves an impactful and memorable statement. Shoulder pads are powerful and always the right choice.
What’s the most special piece in your closet?
I found a vintage Prada bag for $20 at a Value Village thrift shop in a small town outside of Toronto. I’ve never been more proud of a vintage steal like that in my life.

TikTok: Courtesy of @hdnsnotarnd
How do you incorporate the idea of modest style into your wardrobe?
My faith is an important component when it comes to my wardrobe and image. Some might say that I have limitations with what I can wear, but I don’t see it this way. Modesty shouldn’t be a barrier when talking about fashion or the industry, for that matter. With a little bit of patience, confidence, and a willingness to experiment, you can build a personalized style that fits and represents you holistically. No conforming or trying to fit in a box. Fashion is all about expression and storytelling. It is up to you whether you prescribe to those limitations. My faith is part of my identity and isn’t something separate from my creative process and style. It adds to my individuality and how I choose to represent myself.
You also seem really good at layering! What’s your tip for layering this fall?
Invest in good outerwear coats, vintage silk button-ups, blazers, and some two-piece suits. You can easily work around just these pieces and add on different accessories. Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Ties are becoming a hot accessory for this fall-winter. It elevates any look tenfold. And at the end of it all, trust your judgment and don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different styles until you find what works for you. Everyone has their preferences. Try to understand that personal style is just that; it’s personal to you. Some things that work for me might not be visually appealing to the next person.
What are you currently eyeing to buy next?
I’ve never wanted a pair of shoes more than how I want those platform Balenciaga crocs.
What is your favorite TikTok you’ve ever made? What took the longest?
My most recent outfit of the week video. It perfectly captures what I would typically wear during a regular week. For everyday looks, I gravitate more toward black and white as my color scheme, as my other looks are usually more out-there for every day. Those other out-there outfits are saved for nights out or particular events.
The majority of the videos I film are time-consuming because I showcase more outfit variations with each video. With that comes planning, shooting, editing, and then cleaning the aftermath. So we’re looking at a minimum of 2.5 hours for each TikTok.
What’s the next big idea you want to tackle on TikTok?
To be more consistent, have fun, and explore more ways of making thrifted items look luxe!
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Taylor Swift Joins TikTok—and Her Dress Instantly Sells Out

Taylor Swift Joins TikTok—and Her Dress Instantly Sells Out

Photo: Getty
Swifties, get those phones out: Taylor Swift officially joined TikTok on Monday. The singer’s first-ever post on the app sees her lip-synching to Dave’s “Screwface Capital” while re-creating iconic fashion looks from some of her nine album releases. For her 2020 album Folklore, for instance, she sports a white, off-the-shoulder dress that totally fits into the cottagecore theme. For 2012’s Red? She wears a sleek black turtleneck and, yes, a bold red lip. But it’s her sunny yellow floral dress from Reformation, the “Joyce” dress, that harkens back to her 2008 Fearless days that currently has the Internet abuzz—in fact, it instantly sold out after she wore it.

Lots going on at the moment: Red (my version) vinyl is up for presale on my site and oh I’m on tiktok now let the games begin 😺 #SwiftTok
♬ original sound – Taylor Swift

Soon after Swift wore the dress, which retails for US $218, it swiftly sold out in all sizes—so good luck getting your hands on it. The good news, however, is that it’s still available in other colorways, such as a solid off-white or in a cherry print. This isn’t the first time a fashion or beauty item has gone viral on TikTok, but with a megawatt star like Swift wearing it on top of that, the summery dress may just become the most hard-to-get item of the season. Maybe you’ll be able to score it once fall arrives—then you can pair it with a Swift-style cardigan.
Reformation Joyce linen dress. Reformation.com
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Originally published on Vogue.co.uk

TikTok Users Crave Entertainment, Unboxing Videos and Luxury Experiences

TikTok Users Crave Entertainment, Unboxing Videos and Luxury Experiences

TikTok users are 92 percent more likely to buy Louis Vuitton products, and 81 percent more likely to buy Versace, than the average internet user.
But to fully capitalize on the short-form video app, fashion brands had better be prepared to entertain people, to participate in trends, and to engage the right content creators who can connect with millions of followers in a way that no brand can.
Those are among the findings of a new report unveiled Tuesday and prepared jointly by TikTok and data research and insights company Launchmetrics. Titled “TikTok’s Takeover: The Power of Creators & Content in 2021,” it notes that 68 percent of users on the platform have been inspired to find out more about a brand or product.

“By leveraging popular trends on TikTok, brands can boost engagement, expand reach and showcase some creativity and personality,” according to the report.
Launchmetrics gathered data on TikTok between Jan. 1 and May 31 and found that creators like Dixie D’Amelio, Noah Beck, Xenia Adonts and Nava Rose are driving 72 percent of the app’s share of voice, far outpacing the share of voice of brands, celebrities, partners and media.
Tapping into trends is key, as 61 percent of TikTok users say they like brands better when they create or participate in a trend. Three out of four users say entertainment is the main reason for using the app.

While hardly a new idea, unboxing ranks as a key trend as these videos have generated some 12.6 billion views. Similarly, “showcasing” either luxurious products or homes is a popular video subject, with videos carrying the #designer hashtag generating 2.8 billion video views and 67 percent of TikTok users saying they have found ideas about new products or brands after seeing them on the platform.
To wit: #tiktokmademebuyit is one of the top-performing hashtags on the platform, Kristina Karassoulis, head of luxury partnerships at TikTok, noted during a press conference held over Zoom.
Luxury experience videos — often about vacations or other “first-class” experiences — are extremely popular, while product tips and tricks have generated 10.6 billion video views with the hashtag #hacks. The top post in the latter vein, on Fashion Nova’s page, depicts nine ways to wear a string bikini top.
But the real “golden ticket” for fashion and luxury brands is to hook up with a top creator, whose challenges, trends, skits or memes tickle TikTok’s Gen Z user base.
“Creators are your new supermodels, but they’re relatable,” Karassoulis said. “I learned more about the Chanel Boy bag on TikTok than from Chanel.”
The study includes snapshots of 10 creators, including D’Amelio, whose affiliation with Valentino has won the Roman fashion house plenty of attention. According to Launchmetrics’ tallies, the Media Impact Value of her posts came to an average of $626,700 over the five-month period.
Beck, who initially rose to fame as D’Amelio’s boyfriend, boasts 29.2 million followers and boasted an average MIV per post of $208,100. One for Ralph Lauren depicted him spritzing on a fragrance after showering and then becoming magically dressed in the all-American brand.
“By collaborating with a young and fun creator such as Noah Beck, brands have the opportunity to leverage his impressive following as well as associate with his fun and positive attitude and authentic voice,” the report contends.

Wisdom Kaye made his mark this year with the #FrontRowChallenge trend, in which he showed off what he would wear at top designer fashion shows. He received 1.5 million likes and $355,000 in MIV with his video plugging brands including Prada, Gucci, Rick Owens and Saint Laurent.
As part of the study, Launchmetrics quizzed about 100 people working in fashion and beauty p.r., marketing and communications and found that 68.8 percent of them invest in TikTok to engage with consumer groups, while 25 percent said the main driver was to be on trend.
There were detractors: 22.2 percent said budget constraints prevented them from engaging creators on the platform, while one third did not due to a lack of proper tools to identify and manage creator relationships.
Among challenges, 6.2 percent of professionals said they had difficulty demonstrating the value of creator campaigns to C-level executives within their company, and 25 percent cited difficulty creating and tracking the right KPIs to assess the performance of creators.
Some 69 percent of fashion professionals said they prefer to work with so-called “micro creators,” with followings of between 10,000 and 100,000, while half of them select creators based on content quality.
Most brands measure the effectiveness of such campaigns by the impact on sales and web traffic.
TikTok boasts about 100 million monthly active users in the U.S. and another 100 million in Europe, according to Launchmetrics.
TikTok Dives Deeper Into Shopping
EXCLUSIVE: TikTok Holds Its Own Fashion Month
TikTok Testing In-app Shopping in Europe

IMG Fashion Named Official Editorial Partner of TikTok Fashion Month

IMG Fashion Named Official Editorial Partner of TikTok Fashion Month

IMG Fashion has been named the official editorial partner of TikTok Fashion month, with IMG providing editorial content to the TikTok community.
In New York, London, Milan and Paris, the TikTok community will have access to IMG’s content throughout the fall 2021 global fashion weeks.
TikTok will feature live and taped material distributed across IMG’s TikTok channels, @FashionWeek, @NYFW and @MADE, alongside content from talent represented across Endeavor’s fashion network, including TikTok creators like Wisdom Kaye, a TikTok star and IMG model.
In September, TikTok lauched its own #TikTokFashionMonth, featuring runway shows by luxury designers such as Saint Laurent, JW Anderson, Louis Vuitton and Prada.

The TikTok community will be able to engage with fashion week content through dedicated hashtags promoted on TikTok’s discover page, which will amplify global coverage of fashion month and reach TikTok’s diverse and global audience.
TikTok has skyrocketed in popularity among Millennials and Gen Z and has quickly become a hot destination for fashion and beauty trends. Many users flocked to the social media app last year as a source of entertainment during the coronavirus pandemic, and fashion and beauty brands followed suit.
“We are thrilled to announce our official editorial partnership with TikTok Fashion Month. IMG is committed to bringing new opportunities to the table for the global fashion industry that help them continue to reimagine, reinvent and now, rebuild. The importance and power of global fashion months is in connecting fashion brands’ talent and [connecting] to their consumers worldwide through innovative platforms such as TikTok,” said Leslie Russo, president of IMG’s fashion events and properties.

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April Guidone, senior vice president, global brand and business development at IMG, anticipates that with the editorial partnership, “the content of TikTok will be more robust with guaranteed content from the shows and talent across fashion month, making TikTok a true destination to follow all the action.”
IMG Fashion will bring editorial content to the TikTok community.  courtesy shot.

CeCe Vu, fashion and beauty partnerships lead at TikTok, said, “When we launched TikTok Fashion Month last September, we saw the fashion industry embrace a more community-driven approach and make authentic connections with broader and more diverse audiences. We’re excited to partner with IMG this fashion month and give the TikTok community access to the excitement, creativity and inspiration that IMG delivers every fashion week.”
IMG’s digital home for fashion week globally is @FashionWeek across all social media platforms. The expectation is that designers will continue to take a more digital approach to the February shows in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and indoor restrictions.
In addition to the virtual runway lineup last fall as part of #TikTokFashion Month, Nick Tangorra hosted TikTok Runway Odyssey on Oct. 8,  an exclusive, first-of-its-kind virtual fashion runway livestream in partnership with Puma and Alice + Olivia. Throughout the night, there was an opportunity to see TikTok influencers hitting the virtual runway and to shop exclusive capsules that could only be found on TikTok.
Alice + Olivia codesigned its exclusive capsule collection with TikTok, and featured creators such as Melanie and Miranda Wilking, Janette Ok and Bria Jones as models. Part of its proceeds went to the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Alice + Olivia codesigned an exclusive capsule collection with TikTok.  Courtesy photo

In September, Vu said, “With the launch of our TikTok Fashion Month, this is just another way for our brand partners to leverage the platform’s authentic and community-driven approach to showcase their art, creativity and personalities in a unique and truly TikTok way.”
While TikTok had a tumultuous 2020 with President Trump’s proposed ban on the app in the U.S., the app continued to grow in popularity. The app reached two billion downloads earlier in 2020 and had 315 million downloads during the first quarter of 2020, making it the biggest download count in its history, according to mobile app data provider Sensor Tower.

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