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Taurus Season 2022: 20 Amazing Gifts To Buy Your Favorite Bull for Their Birthday

Taurus Season 2022: 20 Amazing Gifts To Buy Your Favorite Bull for Their Birthday

Gigi Hadid, born on April 23, 1995. Vogue Arabia, March 2019. Photo: Peter Lindbergh
It’s here! Taureans around the globe can now celebrate their season, which kicks off on April 20, and goes on for a full month until May 20.

Taurus personality traits
Earthy, steadfast, and often loyal to a fault, Taurus individuals belong to the element of earth, just like Capricorn and Virgo. This earthy energy often translates into their habits and life preferences; Taureans tend to be extremely practical and hardworking, with a taste for all things natural. Seldom will you see fake flowers in a Taurean’s home. This zodiac sign, born under Venus, the planet of romance and sensuality, believes that true luxury resides in all things un-synthetic, from their fresh, citrusy fragrances that remind one of spring gardens, to their clothing, always crafted from fabrics that are soothing to the touch. That’s not to say that Taurus people have simple, or boring taste. Just like fire sign Leo, this zodiac member can get a tad indulgent, and their home decor, often warm, rich, and pleasing to all senses, serves as proof.
Famous Taurus celebrities
Perhaps the most famous Taurus of our generation is Queen Elizabeth, whose strong work ethic reflects one of the most loved traits of her zodiac sign. Other stars who belong to the Taurus family include Palestinian-Dutch model Gigi Hadid, Rami Malek, former Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, Grammy-winning singer Adele, musical icon Cher, Hollywood stars George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Jessica Alba and Renee Zellweger, rapper Travis Scott, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, footballer David Beckham, and musician Enrique Iglesias.
The best birthday gifts for Taurus individuals
Though Taurus babies can often be stubborn—and don’t get us started on that Taurean temper!—the sign of the bull comes with a gentle heart, and if you happen to have one in your inner circle, now is a great time to start planning a birthday gift that makes them feel as special as they like to do for you. Whether you’re shopping for a parent, a sibling, a friend or your partner, Vogue Arabia has you covered.
As an earth sign, Taurus has an affinity for all things natural. Treat your favorite bull to an elegant trinket box made of solid wood, a Jo Malone diffuser that smells like their favorite flowers, or a soft brown rug that’ll fit right into their elegant home from Hommes Studio. Got an astrology enthusiast on your hands? You can’t go wrong with Bulgari’s emerald green timepiece—a nod to the zodiac sign’s official birthstone—or genuine emerald jewelry.
Often known for their impeccable taste in fashion, Taureans can never resist an investment piece. Consider making their day with Gucci’s classic bags, or indulge them just in time for Eid al-Fitr with a unique kaftan by Louisa Parris. For the beauty junkie, Angela Caglia’s rose quartz eye mask is a must, and works seamlessly with Nadine Merabi’s feather-detailed pajama set. Start scrolling now to find the perfect gift for your favorite Taurus woman.
Taurus necklace, PDPAOLA. AED 345
Bag, Gucci. AED 4,850
Chance Chanel. AED 390
Blazer, Arwa Al Banawi
Box, Marina Home Interiors. AED 205
Bracelet, Anissa Kermiche. AED 3,245

Crystal perfume flacon, Reflections Copenhagen. AED 1,558
Dessert plate, Ginori 1735. AED 387

Earrings, Shay. AED 4,220
Kaftan, Louisa Parris. AED 3,208
Lipstick, Christian Louboutin Beauty. AED 328
Luscious pea scented candle, Loewe. AED 355
Pajama set, Olivia Von Halle. AED 2,042
Earrings, Jude Benhalim. AED 676
Peony and blush suede diffuser, Jo Malone. AED 400
Porcelain and resin dish, L’objet. AED 1,215
Pajama set, Nadine Merabi
Rose quartz eye mask, Angela Caglia. AED 495
Rug, Hommes Studio
Watch, Bulgari. AED 78,000

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