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Tanya Taylor Segues Into the Home Category

Tanya Taylor Segues Into the Home Category

Tanya Taylor, known for her colorful fabrics, will launch a home collection June 16, which will be available exclusively at Tanyataylor.com.
The collection runs the gamut from runners, placemats, napkins and throw pillows to special one-of-a-kind pieces including a sofa, chairs and a hammock.
The line features the vibrant hand-painted prints from Taylor’s summer collections on home pieces.
“I’ve always wanted to do home because I grew up with a mother who took pride in how she was entertaining and the colors and prints that she set her table with,” Taylor said. Over the years, her mother would take Taylor’s excess fabrics and decorate her home in Barbados, making curtains, lampshades, headboards, chairs, sofas and duvets.

“I went down to visit her [in January], and thought how cool this was to be living in this world of happy prints and colors,” Taylor said. She decided to post little snippets on Instagram and tell stories about these items.
“We had the most incredible response on Instagram. We had 3,000 people tell us the kind of pillow they wanted and the price point, and whether they wanted tassels or piping. We really uncovered this enthusiasm from our customer for home, and it opened up to a lot of conversations with bigger companies doing collaborations,” said Taylor, who later decided she’d rather manufacture it herself and approach it as a small capsule.

“We know everyone is entertaining in our summer dresses outside in their backyard. They really want these surprising moments when they have their guests over — the thoughtfulness of how they’re dressing relates to how they also dress their table,” Taylor said.
On Saturday, she introduced the line on Instagram Live where customers could click and purchase. Retail prices range from $60 for a four-pack of napkins and $95 for a four-pack of placemats to $125 for table runners and pillows with inserts. Prices for the one-of-a-kind hammock, chair and sofa are available upon request.
“I believe a dinner party needs to be fun. I’m a very playful host. I felt like I really want to make the table come alive. I really think people’s tables should reflect their personality,” Taylor said.

Tanya Taylor and her home decor line. 
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She said down the road, she’d love to design china, glassware and vases. “I hand-paint a lot of my vases. I’m signed up for a glass-blowing class this summer for fun,” she said.
While the collection is exclusively available on her own website, she’s shown the products to some of her retail accounts which have expressed interest. Eventually she might strike a larger partnership once she gets a read on the launch. Right now the plan is to launch several lines a year, coinciding with when her customers celebrate, such as summertime and the holiday season.

Tanya Taylor on her hammock, which is for sale. 
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Having launched swimwear, kids’ and home this year, Taylor now has her hands full.
“That’s where my head’s at. I want to get really good at those categories,” Taylor said.

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