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Meghan Markle’s Oprah Interview Dress Displayed at Fashion Museum Bath

Meghan Markle’s Oprah Interview Dress Displayed at Fashion Museum Bath

Meghan Markle’s dress from her interview with Oprah Winfrey will be displayed at Fashion Museum Bath.The black-and-white silk georgette, long-sleeve dress with a matching belt and lotus flower design, which was designed by Armani, has been selected as the museum’s Dress of the Year 2021.
The Duchess of Sussex famously wore the dress last March during her two-hour, sit-down bombshell interview with Winfrey, alongside her husband Prince Harry, which aired on CBS. During the interview, Markle revealed what royal life was really like for her, including addressing allegations of bullying, racism, lack of protection for her and her son, and more.
According to a press release by the Fashion Museum Bath, the dress was “one of the defining pop-cultural moments of 2021” due to the audience it attracted, which was approximately 60 million viewers worldwide across 70 countries.

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We’re excited to announce that a #GiorgioArmani dress as worn by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has been chosen by @Dazed magazine’s Ibrahim Kamara and Gareth Wrighton as #DressOfTheYear 2021! ✨ Read the full press release on our website https://t.co/maWhnSHohI pic.twitter.com/OZizJuNrq8
— Fashion Museum Bath (@Fashion_Museum) February 22, 2022

The dress is also significant in that Markle wore it to send a certain message. The duchess reportedly chose the outfit with a lotus motif because of the flower’s symbolism associated with rebirth, self-regeneration and its ability to thrive in spite of challenging conditions.
The Armani dress will go on display as the final item in the museum’s headline exhibition, called “A History of Fashion in 100 Objects.”
The look was chosen by Dazed magazine’s Ibrahim Kamara and Gareth Wrighton as the Fashion Museum’s tradition of inviting a top name from the fashion industry to select the Dress of the Year “that encapsulates the prevailing mood of fashion, represents the past year and captures the imagination.”

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“In today’s hyper-stylized pop culture, the Dress of the Year now has the potential to also be ‘meme of the year’ and we both latched upon Meghan and Harry’s now iconic interview with Oprah as the definitive anti-establishment moment that will forever endure in the British collective consciousness,” Kamara and Wrighton said in a statement. “Meghan’s wrap dress by Armani, worn to showcase a divine pregnancy, framed the Duchess in black against the bountiful landscaping of Tyler Perry’s Hollywood garden.
“This look now, through sheer association with a viral television moment, is firmly engrained in our pop culture psyche,” their statement continued.
Markle’s Armani dress will be showcased in the Fashion Museum Bath starting Feb. 22.
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