This is How NET-A-PORTER Helps You Shop With a Sustainable Conscious

This is How NET-A-PORTER Helps You Shop With a Sustainable Conscious

NET-A-PORTER aligns the stars, bringing together sustainability and designer fashion with NET SUSTAIN.
Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER

NET-A-PORTER is continuing its pledge to make fashion and beauty more sustainable, with the dedicated platform NET SUSTAIN.  An important moment in the company’s history, the NET SUSTAIN platform highlights the best that sustainable shopping has to offer; offering customers a way to easily identify fashion and beauty brands that meet NET-A-PORTER’s criteria for sustainability.
Mara Hoffman. Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER

This year sees three capsule collections entering the NET SUSTAIN space, with exclusive ranges from Mara Hoffman, Bondi Born, and Le Kesha gracing the platform’s Winter Sun edit. Each capsule collection has been created in partnership with LG Electronics for NET SUSTAIN’s pioneering edit of 100% machine-washable pieces. LG’s #careforewhatyouwear campaign sees NET-A-PORTER continuing its commitment to making fashion more sustainable, with the 100% machine-washable collections further enabling customers to make more informed decisions when it comes to sustainable purchasing.
Bondi Born. Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER

Australian brand Bondi Born presents an exclusive line of swimwear and linen separates, in clean lines, for the capsule collections, with Mara Hoffman offering a selection of cotton or linen cover-ups, made in lightweight fabrics and effortless silhouettes that are perfect for idyllic winter nights. The Winter Sun edit also sees French label Le Kesha’s elegant linen separates, derived from the inspiration of the spirit of travel and adventure.
Le Kasha. Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER

“The key aim of the NET SUSTAIN platform is to highlight and celebrate the brands we stock who are driven by a desire to make fashion and beauty more sustainable,” explains Libby Page, Senior Market Editor, NET-A-PORTER. “The platform enables our customers to make more informed and sustainable choices.”
Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER

“Our customers are shopping with a purpose more than ever and showing their interest in brands and projects which are more inclusive and diverse, sustainable and charitable,” adds Page about the platform’s success.
As the world’s premier luxury fashion destination, NET-A-PORTER sees innovation at the core of its brand, with a sustainability vision based around three pillars: Education, Empowering Women, and Responsibility. The company cements its approach to future-focused shopping, with every item included within the edit meeting one, or more, of the key sustainability attributes that form the NET SUSTAIN framework. From considered materials and ingredients, considered processes, reducing waste, locally made, craft and community, and vegan and animal welfare, each product is highlighted on NET SUSTAIN, according to which pillar they comply with. Each brand and products featured in NET SUSTAIN are carefully positioned in a dedicated section of the website, carefully labelled so that customers can easily identify items that meet the sustainability criteria.
Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER

“We have been actively expanding our brand count within the NET SUSTAIN edit with both new and existing brands as a part of the ‘Buy Now, Wear Forever’ mentality,” explains Page. “By April we will have approximately 140 brands in the NET SUSTAIN – more to be announced soon.”
Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER

NET-A-PORTER’s partnership with LG Electronics looks to reduce clothing waste by minimising fabric damage from proper washing techniques. LG’s advanced clothing care trio washing machine allows customers to expand the lifespan of their favorite pieces while reducing the environmental impact on the planet with the use of more efficient electricity. The Winter Sun edit will encourage small changes and new habits for customers, in regard to sustainable clothing. Each item presented in the capsules will feature bespoke tags that have been created especially for the #careforewhatyouwear campaign, that are carbon-free, biodegradable and recyclable.
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