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Waterproof Hijabs To Swim Dresses: The Best Modest Swimwear for Summer

Waterproof Hijabs To Swim Dresses: The Best Modest Swimwear for Summer

Photo: Courtesy Nike
Historically, modest swimwear hasn’t been a shopping category spilling with tonnes of choice for those who are on the hunt for it. But with modest fashion a fast-growing movement, it seems only right that modest swimsuits become mainstays in the swimwear sections of our favorite online clothing stores.
Sure, modesty does mean something different to everyone, and everyone’s reasons for maintaining it vary wildly – from religious standards to personal preference. But whatever modesty means to you, it can be difficult to find swimwear that doesn’t leave you feeling exposed, hence we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find a selection of modest swimwear to keep you covered and comfortable.
Luckily, some retailers are beginning to take taking note of an increased demand. Case in point: Nike’s Victory collection. 2020 saw Nike Swim revolutionize modest swimwear with the Victory suit: an innovative head-to-toe modest swimsuit designed for seamless water flow. Now, the activewear brand has a fully established collection with full coverage performance swimwear designed to empower women in the water. And it’s seriously stylish.

Inspired by the spirit of endless possibilities and with feedback from global athletes, the Nike Swim Victory Collection aims to give women of all backgrounds, body types, abilities and aspirations the opportunity to participate comfortably in water sports. YES.
Instead of sacrificing movement for modesty, female athletes (or amateur swimmers – hands up!) can now dive into the pool, wild swim, body-surf a wave or power down a lane in performance sports swimsuits that won’t leave them battling drag or struggling to keep their hijab in place. There are pink-hued swimming tunics, swimming leggings adorned in monochrome branded prints and waterproof hijabs (in mood-boosting berry tones, no less) to boot. “The more we listened, the more possibility we saw to serve female athletes in new dimensions,” Nike told us. Ground-breaking? You bet.

As well as Nike, you can find full coverage swimwear at brands such as Adidas, Sweaty Betty and Amazon. Though not every one of the styles you’ll find below serves up complete head-to-toe coverage, there are long sleeve swimsuits, swim dresses and swim shorts that offer a greater shield than your average bikini or one-piece swimsuit.
How we tested/chose the best modest swimwear
Combining our expert knowledge on fashion – including which brands are worth spending your money on and what trends are living up to the hype – with customer reviews and data on what you’ve been searching for, we’ve curated what we feel is a selection of the best modest swimwear on the market. We’ve rifled through the good and the bad so you don’t have to, and have paid particular attention to specifics like cost, fabrics, sustainability and wearability in order to narrow it down. Our aim is to find you pieces which will last, and have tried our fair share of the modest swimwear for women to know which designs are worth shouting about.
Where can you find stylish modest swimwear for women? Scroll for our full edit of the best modest swimwear and modest swimsuits to shop this summer.

Nike Victory Women’s Full-Coverage Swim Tunic
Why we love it: Black swimwear will always have top spot in our drawers, and this chic tunic style is no different.

Swim Pants
Why we love them: Slightly looser on the leg than other swim leggings, these swim trousers can be worn from the pool to the shops.

Nike Victory Women’s Slim Full-Coverage Swimming Leggings
Why we love them: These swim leggings from Nike will flatter you while keeping you covered up. A win win.

Adidas Originals Monogram Full-Coverage Top
Why we love it: Offering a subtle pattern against classic black, this modest swim top has captured our minimalist hearts.

Nike Victory Women’s Slim Swim Leggings
Why we love them: They’re covered in the brand’s Swoosh logo – what’s not to love?

Long Sleeve Swim Top
Why we love it: Rep the brand’s iconic three stripes on your arm while you swim, care-free of any unwanted flashes of skin.

Swell Paddle Legging
Why we love them: Forget your black leggings, when it comes to swimming you need a pair of swim leggings. These ones, to be precise.

Nike Victory Logo Women’s Full Coverage Swim Tunic
Why we love it: Barbiecore? Tick. Full coverage? Yes. It’s a win from us.

Swell Paddle Shorts
Why we love them: Reminiscent of our beloved cycling shorts and anti-chafing shorts, these longline swim shorts will be this summer’s hero.

Seascape Xtra Life Rash Top
Why we love it: Mix and match this long sleeve swim top with your favourite pair of full coverage bikini bottoms.

Surf Wetsuit
Why we love it: Sweaty Betty is fast becoming one of our favourite swimwear brands for its simple yet effective gems like this one.

IBTOM CASTLE Modest Muslim Swimming Costume for Women
Why we love it: From the feminine ruffles to the affordable price tag, there’s not much we don’t love about this modest swim set.

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Exclusive: Modest Swimwear Label Hadia Ghaleb Launches Vibrant Second Collection

Exclusive: Modest Swimwear Label Hadia Ghaleb Launches Vibrant Second Collection

Photo: Courtesy of Hadia Ghaleb
Hadia Ghaleb and her eponymous modest swimwear label are back with another collection. This celebration of inclusivity and diversity will launch on the brand’s official website on April 10.
The Hadia Ghaleb Label SS2023 collection features seven vibrant designs spinning a fantasy of colorful patterns, with sleeveless and long-sleeved pieces which can be mixed and matched to create 14 distinctive sets. Accessories such as mega tote bags and instant hijabs – a headcover designed from a swim-friendly material to be put on in just one step – complement the playful nature of the collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Hadia Ghaleb
“We wanted to be more playful and produce even bolder and more varied patterns for our second collection,” says the Dubai-based entrepreneur. “The designs, influenced by women’s empowerment, once again highlight how diverse our customers are. The pieces feature colors inspired by the universe and summer shades. We’re thrilled to offer an unprecedented variety of combinations for swimwear.”
A star piece for this collection is the swimwear jacket, an elegant number adorned with intricate designs accented by gold buttons and chains. The easy-to-put-on and take-off jacket also serves as an extra layer that can be worn with the Icing swimwear set for additional coverage.
Photo: Courtesy of Hadia Ghaleb
“We shot this year’s Spring-Summer lookbook in two fashion capitals – New York and Dubai – to highlight that inclusive swimwear is now a global trend that appeals to fashionistas from all over the world,” says Ghlabe. Her words are not just a testament to the growing global appeal of modest fashion but also serve as a nod toward the fact that diversity is an important element at Hadia Ghaleb as the label caters to women of all cultures, religions, and lifestyles.
After its launch in April 2022, Hadia Ghaleb Label has experienced exponential growth, selling in numerous countries worldwide and getting listed at top retailers. With this second collection, the brand hopes to take it even further by integrating a more global approach into its ideology. In line with this, the SS23 collection will be modeled by leading fashion influencers from the region during an exclusive trip and online fashion show held in May at the JW Marriott Mauritius.
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From Bodysuits to Burkinis: The 21 Best Modest Swimsuits for the Summer

From Bodysuits to Burkinis: The 21 Best Modest Swimsuits for the Summer

Photo: Courtesy Hadia Ghaleb
It’s that time of the year again. As the mercury continues to rise, your calendar for the next few months is likely to include many more plans that focus on cooling off, be it with beach visits or dips in the pool. And while summer may translate to ‘bikini season’ for many, there’s something to be said about the appeal of a modest swimsuit. Offering the perfect amount of coverage, modest swimwear pieces come in a myriad of colors, patterns and cuts, ensuring that their wearer can enjoy the best of the summer without having to feel uncomfortable in their skin. As we gear up for our summer breaks, Vogue Arabia chalks out the best modest swimsuits available right now, from classic one-pieces to higher coverage numbers.

The best swimwear for light coverage this summer
Fancy a one-piece that allows ease of movement and also looks cool? Look no further than Cover Swim’s black turtleneck piece, or Summersault’s two-toned blue number, which features a high neck and thicker sleeves than basic cuts. Norma Kamali’s ruffled swimsuit is ideal for extra leg coverage, while Mary Katrantzou and La Double J’s playfully printed creations effortlessly cover the shoulders for especially hot days.
Light coverage: Norma Kamali, AED 923
The best bodysuits for medium coverage this summer
If you’re looking for a tad more coverage this summer, swimsuits with shorts-style bottoms are a must-have. Cases in point: Cynthia Rowley’s floral blue piece, which extends over the thighs, and Stockholm Surfboard’s all-black bodysuit, a versatile number you can keep coming back to. For complete arm coverage, Emilia Wickstead, Duskii and Mara Hoffman have some great picks, each in a print more exciting than the other.
Medium coverage: Cynthia Rowley, AED 873
The best burkinis for full coverage this summer
Hadi Ghaleb’s latest poolside line, featuring wraps and burkinis, is ideal for the woman who loves vibrant hues, but that’s not where the options end for modest swimwear. Look to Nike and Adidas for classic tunic and legging combinations in solid hues, or stir things up a bit with Lanuuk’s swim pieces, accentuated with feminine ruffle details. Lyra and Munamer add a modern twist to modest swimwear with exotic prints and zips, while Shelline’s pistachio green piece makes the perfect pick for the pastel lover.
Full coverage: Hadia Ghaleb, AED 699
Below, take a closer look at the best modest swimwear on Vogue Arabia’s list
Light coverage: Mary Katrantzou, AED 1,730
Light coverage: Cover Swim, AED 850
Light coverage: Ganni, AED 656
Light coverage: La Double J, AED 1,502
Light coverage: Summersault, AED 420
Medium coverage: Duskii, AED 588
Medium coverage: Stockholm Surfboard, AED 1,934
Medium coverage: Emilia Wickstead, AED 1,419
Medium coverage: Mara Hoffman, AED 895
Medium coverage: Balenciaga, AED 2,260
Medium coverage: Marysia, AED 1,379

Medium coverage: The Upside, AED 963
Full coverage: Shelline, AED 624
Full coverage: Lyra, AED 390
Full coverage: Nike, AED 500
Full coverage: Lanuuk, AED 414
Full coverage: Adidas, AED 550
Full coverage: Munamer, AED 652

Hadia Ghaleb Launches a Modest Swimwear Line: “I Want To Highlight the Diversity and Beauty of Arab Women”

Hadia Ghaleb Launches a Modest Swimwear Line: “I Want To Highlight the Diversity and Beauty of Arab Women”

Photo: Courtesy of Hadia Ghaleb Brand

Dubai-based entrepreneur and fashion influencer Hadia Ghaleb is launching an inclusive swimwear line this week, Hadia Ghaleb Label. In an effort to bridge the gap between veiled and unveiled women through fashion, Ghaleb’s latest venture offers a collection of swimwear that can work for women of all backgrounds. Bringing together women of all cultures, religions, and lifestyles, the swimwear line practices inclusivity—something that is being called for within the fashion industry. “With the launch of Hadia Ghaleb Label, I hope to end the division of the swimwear market for veiled and unveiled women. The idea that we have separate stores feels outdated — in 2022, we need to embrace the uniqueness of each woman and ensure equal fashion choices for all,” she tells Vogue Arabia. 
Photo: Courtesy of Hadia Ghaleb Label
Drawing inspiration from vibrant summer colors in combination with the elegance Arab women are known for, Hadia Ghaleb Label gives women a chance to express themselves as fashionably as possible without worrying about their backgrounds during vacations. The label includes two swimwear sets that come in six different colors, alluding to the sea, sunsets, and beach. An extra dose of creativity comes in via the fact that Ghaleb’s pieces can be styled in several different ways and combinations, allowing the wearer to customize their look: Swimwear Ensemble, including a swimsuit top and scarf; and Swimwear Full Set, including swimsuit top, scarf, leggings, and sarong. The launch of the line will take place between May 3-6 with the digital presentation including prominent fashion influencers in the Middle East, including Hadia Ghaleb herself, Yusur Al-Khalidi, Maryam Al-Khalidi, Youmi, and Shouq.

Photo: Courtesy of Hadia Ghaleb Label
Ghaleb stresses on the need to reclaim the burkini trend and the negative connotations surrounding it. “The swimwear category for veiled women, also known as the burkini, often focuses only on practical functionality and doesn’t provide stylish or trendy solutions for the women who wear it,” she explains. The story of this launch is also a personal one for Ghaleb, who has witnessed the ostracization of her fellow veiled women. “Growing up, I saw a stigma around the burkini: Once, a friend of mine was denied entry into a place because she was wearing a burkini. I stood there helpless, feeling her pain but unable to change the situation. Hadia Ghaleb Label’s purpose is to change that perception, and designs of conservative swimwear, so no other woman will have to go through moments like this.”
Photo: Courtesy of Hadia Ghaleb Label
Though not always a conservative dresser herself, Ghaleb believes in her message of changing the stigma around veiled women’s fashion.  “The mission of Hadia Ghaleb Label is to uplift and empower women, no matter what their fashion or lifestyle choices are. By creating this swimwear line, I want to highlight the diversity and elegant beauty of Arab women by coming up with designs that will fit — and complement — all women.”
Photo: Courtesy of Hadia Ghaleb Label

Why adidas’s New Full-Cover Swimwear Collection Offers a Lot More Than Modesty

Why adidas’s New Full-Cover Swimwear Collection Offers a Lot More Than Modesty

Asma Elbadawi. Photo: Courtesy of adidas
adidas has unveiled its first full-cover swimwear collection offering a wider choice of versatile apparel for women. The range is designed to support the needs of those who find limited choice in swimwear and is informed – via community engagement and global insights – by those who expressed a need for full-coverage swimwear for cultural reasons, or those just looking for greater choice via a broader range of technical apparel to suit their needs in the water.
This is a collection especially needed for Middle Eastern women. A YouGov survey commissioned by adidas this year reveals that only 12% of women surveyed are completely comfortable wearing a swimsuit at a public beach or pool. Body shame and lack of privacy are the two main reasons women do not feel comfortable in their swimsuits. Additionally, 59% of women aged 18-42 surveyed in the UAE agree or strongly agree that the “media creates an unattainable body image for female swimmers.”
Photo: Courtesy of adidas
“At adidas we believe that nobody should be prevented from enjoying the benefits of being in and around the water. We are constantly looking at ways to diversify our product offering for all women and our Full-Cover Swimwear Collection is rooted in that mentality,” says Sybille Baumann, Senior Product Manager of adidas Swimwear.
Hence, the multi-piece collection includes swimsuits that offer coverage from neck to ankle. This piece features press studs inside the top at hip height and along the outside of the fabric on the legs to connect the two and offer an adjustable fit as required, preventing unnecessary movement of material in and out of the water. It also features thumb holes in the sleeves for optimized fit. In addition, singlets with sleeves, and a swim hijab featuring a specially crafted adjustable inner cap to provide the perfect fit and to prevent it from slipping while swimming complete the collection.
The quick-drying range is made of chlorine-resistant fabric that features Econyl® regenerated yarn as part of adidas’s ongoing commitment towards sustainable design.

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The Beyond the Surface campaign, part of Watch Us Move – adidas’s broader initiative to create more space for women in sport – celebrates the power of water and its ability to defy restrictions, bring renewal, and accept everyone unconditionally. It is fronted by Sudanese-British Asma Elbadawi, basketball athlete, spoken-word poet, and sport inclusivity activist, who created a poem to celebrate her relationship with the water and the confidence it can bring to all women. She is known to have petitioned and succeeded in convincing the International Basketball Association to remove its ban on hijabs and religious headwear in the professional sport.
Dareen Barbar. Photo: Courtesy of adidas
“Sport never judges you, that is why we love it, and I am passionate about finding ways to ensure we can provide a level playing field for all,” Elbadawi says. “Sadly, that is not always possible, but gone are the days where sport apparel needs should be a barrier to entry, especially when it comes to being in and around the water. This is a project that is close to my heart, and I am incredibly proud to support a campaign that will remove barriers for women across the world to enjoy swimming.”
Elbadawi will feature in the campaign alongside Lebanese amputee athlete Dareen Barbar, Liuba Novikova, Queen Owie, and Tracey Massoud.
Dareen Barbar. Photo: Courtesy of adidas
The 18-strong piece collection will be available from June 10, 2021, on, in black, aqua blue, and burgundy red in sizes 2XS to 2XL. Each item is sold separately and can be combined into one look or used as individual items.
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