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Reef Partners With Kenny Chesney’s Charity to Save the Oceans

Reef Partners With Kenny Chesney’s Charity to Save the Oceans

Kenny Chesney’s love for the islands is well-known among fans of his music. Now the country music superstar is partnering with Reef, a brand best known for its beach sandals, on a charitable initiative through his No Shoes Reefs program.Reef has created a limited-edition collection of No Shoes Reefs sandals for men and women, with 30 percent of the profits going to the Pigeon Key Foundation in partnership with Chesney’s charity. The collection will include the Drift style for men and the Drift Away model for women, which feature a leather footbed over a cushioned midsole crafted from sustainable sugarcane.
The No Shoes Reefs partnership is part of a weeklong initiative that began on June 1, World Reef Day. Over the course of the week, the Carlsbad, California-based brand is hosting eight “lessons learned from the reef” on its social and digital channels taught by Reef ambassadors, including professional surfer and biochemist Cliff Kapono and marine conservationist Brinkley Davies. The lessons include how to protect wildlife in ocean habitats as well as a live reef viewing.

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The No Shoes Reefs collection will take center stage on Wednesday, which is also World Oceans Day, and is intended to spread awareness and increase education around coral reef preservation and ocean conservation.

A screen shot of Kenny Chesney from his No Shoes Reefs site.

“For me, any time we can work with an organization that’s both educational and awareness-raising — and something that’s a functional part of life like a great flip-flop that benefits our work protecting the coral reefs and ocean conservation — is a double win,” said Chesney.
“Through my work with Reef, it’s been important for me to celebrate with people how to be better environmental stewards, which is why shining a spotlight on ocean conservation during Reef Week is so powerful,” said Kapono.
Reef’s brand president Mike Jensen said protecting the environment is part of the brand’s DNA, adding that, “Partnering with like-minded organizations, such as No Shoes Reefs, helps us better amplify coral reef awareness to an even broader audience.
The Reef x NSRs sandals will retail for $75 and will be sold on the brand’s e-commerce site.
Reef was founded in 1984 and is a registered trademark of Trestles IP Holdings LLC. No Shoes Reefs was created by the singer with the aim of helping to protect and create new living reefs. No Shoes Reefs also has partnerships with Sea Bags, Barefoot Bay and other companies.

Top Five Must-See Accessories From the Hermès Fall 2021 Men’s Collection

Top Five Must-See Accessories From the Hermès Fall 2021 Men’s Collection

Hermès, a brand synonymous with true luxury, has built a men’s wear legacy based on traditionalism, while elevating minimalism dress codes with timeless appeal. But for fall 2021, Hermès designer Véronique Nichanian branched out and offered a more youthful and sporty collection, featuring hooded parkas, striped sweaters, joggers and fleecy jackets. A trend present throughout many men’s collections this season was a mash-up of indoor and outdoor references, and Hermès joined in with its leather shirts and cozy heritage plaids.
Accessories, which live at the core of the Hermès brand, were naturally at the forefront. The colorful, outdoor-inspired collection included an effortless reinvention of some classics from the French house, the introduction of new styles and even a highlighter pink sneaker. Here, our five accessory highlights from the Hermès show.

Haut à Courroies

The Haut à Courroies was Hermès’ first bag and was designed to protect and transport saddles and riding boots. This collectors’ favorite was presented in wooly canvas and calfskin, and the lighter construction allowed for a more casual and younger take on the iconic bag.
Tartan Galop Fourre Tout 48hr Bag

This is Hermès’ take on a weekender bag. Another classic from the heritage brand, it has been reinvented in a tartan tweed and calfskin and was featured in blue, green and the plaid graphic detail above, which folded in with the country-chic side of the collection. There may not be an immediate need for a weekend getaway bag, but the Hermès idea is to invest in pieces for years to come.

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The New Men’s Clutch

This is a brand new bag for the French house. This calfskin clutch features the renowned H logo and a short hand strap. Although the style is undeniably sophisticated with a continental flair, the size and design evokes a man on the move.
Garden Voyager
Hermès, men’s fall 2021  Courtesy of Hermes

This softly constructed bag made from canvas and calfskin is reminiscent of the women’s Garden Party bag. The tote shape makes it a great daily bag with aspirations to replace the backpack as the “It” men’s bag of the season.
Sneaker Glam
Hermès/Armando Grillo  Armando Grillo

Hermès has done sneakers in the past, but never in this assortment of bright colors. These sporty kicks were featured in bright pink, blue, green and yellow. The zesty colors played well with the collection’s dressy track pants and cropped leather jackets, injecting a sense of optimism that is as needed on the runway as it in daily life.

The Must-See Accessories From Louis Vuitton’s Fall ’21 Show

The Must-See Accessories From Louis Vuitton’s Fall ’21 Show

Virgil Abloh’s fall collection for Louis Vuitton explored issues of racial identity and cultural appropriation, drawing attention to the concept of “Tourist vs. Purist,” or newcomers versus the establishment. The lineup was full of familiar silhouettes but all had the signature Virgil touch, turning the traditional into cultural conversations. “I wanted to make clothes that were normcore, but sort of amplify them, so that they became artisanal, or runway, or editorial,” Abloh said.
Runway, editorial and artisanal are also the perfect words to describe the vibrant and eye-catching accessory collection that will for sure create the consumer frenzy we have come to expect from Louis Vuitton men’s wear. Here are some of our top choices:

Upcycle XS Keepall

The introduction of the Upcycle logo is one of the main through lines of this fun fall collection. When used on the mini or XS Keepall bag, a style that debuted last season, the result is the perfect marriage between a trend accessory and the right ideology. We are all for it!
Updated Briefcase

There is nothing that says “business ready” better than an LV briefcase. This season’s features matte black hardware and a spray paint effect, both elements that bring Abloh’s heritage aesthetic to the forefront. It’s a brand new day for the business world’s dress code.

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The Cowboy Boots

The past spring season saw a cowboy-sneaker hybrid that was exiting, but this season’s more straightforward interpretation feels closer to the traditional cowboy boot. The popular green color palette and the shorter shaft turns the classic into a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory.
’90s Raver

The idea of a physical rave still feels far from reality, but these white ’90s raver-inspired sunglasses are the perfect accessory to get in the mood.
“Tourist vs. Purist” Keepall Weekender

Probably the most iconic shape of all, this weekender has been updated throughout the years, turning this classic into a perennial collector’s item. The thick crossbody jewelry black chain and the graphic embellishment of the green slogan ensure this version will join the fashion history books.
Metallic Carry-On

The use of metallic finishes appeared on an array of bags this season, but this metallic mini trunk carry-on is the perfect blend of runway, editorial and artisanal, and epitomizes travel glamour.
Playful Tote

The use of bright yellow, red graphic stamping and sleek chains are another nod to Abloh’s eternal child-like design approach that works so well both on Instagram and IRL.
Airplane-Keepall Bag

While this may not be your everyday bag, this one-of-a-kind bag creation is an homage to childhood paper planes and works perfectly with this season’s elaborate airplane toy invitation. It symbolizes yet again the designer’s Peter Pan-forever child approach.
The Bigger the Hat, The Closer to Fashion

This collection plays with fictional archetypes, and this exaggerated Western drifter cowboy hat not only ensures social distancing but also gives a good side of fashion drama.
Paris, Texas

The classic French heritage of the LV brand was displayed in the long leather gloves and leather punch, and yet blended effortlessly with the traditional oversize Western belt for a new, unifying message.
Hiking Hybrid
Louis Vuitton Men’s, fall 2021  Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

This brand new model plays with classic sneaker styles, hiking references and playful bright colors, and is already creating a frenzy among sneaker collectors.

At Fendi’s Fall 2021 Men’s Show, Bags Were a Highlight

At Fendi’s Fall 2021 Men’s Show, Bags Were a Highlight

Upbeat, energetic and optimistic were the most apt descriptors for Fendi’s 2021 Fall collection. The bright and hopeful looks were perfectly accented with an array of men’s bags, making it clear that the battle for this season’s ‘It’ Bag is in full swing. We’ve chosen below the top five must-have bags from today’s livestreamed show.
The Ultra Mini Baguette

The Ultra Mini Baguette  Courtesy of Fendi

There is nothing new about extremely small bags, which have been popular on runways for the past several years, but this updated and elegant men’s version of the renowned heritage Baguette feels completely fresh – although good luck trying to fit anything else in it other than a cell phone.

The Bright Gym Bag

The Bright Gym Bag  Courtesy of Fendi

Wellness and fitness are on everyone’s mind, and this vibrant red gym bag will ensure all new year’s resolutions are met with style.
The Backpack-Tote Hybrid

The Backpack-Tote Hybrid  Courtesy of Fendi

Backpacks might be on the way out, but this hybrid version in bright yellow embossed leather hits all the right notes – giving city utility just the right jolt of energy.
The Artsy Peekaboo

The Artsy Peekaboo  Courtesy of Fendi

This season’s collaboration with British artist Noel Fielding was showcased on this Peekaboo bag, where he worked his magic with naif tangles drawn of colorful threads. For the collector, this is a sure bet.
The Oversized Messenger Baguette

The Oversized Messenger Baguette  Courtesy off fendi

The melancholic feel of the early aughts might be the next trend thanks to this ultra-cozy Messenger Baguette bag. It invokes a need for a country side bike ride, but with all the right style elements.

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