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There’s a New “Carrie” Necklace–and It’s Heart-Shaped and Diamond-Studded

There’s a New “Carrie” Necklace–and It’s Heart-Shaped and Diamond-Studded

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex And The City
Whether you love it or hate it or have even yet to watch it, the new installment of Sex and the City is the most-talked-about thing on TV right now. And Just Like That features Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte in a new set of adventures in, where else, but the city that never sleeps.
The original Sex and the City was marked by its fair share of iconic outfits and fashion items, from tulle skirts to Mary-Janes, but perhaps there was none so iconic as Carrie’s necklace. As the story goes, the show’s stylist Patricia Field spotted cool kids at her downtown New York City store wearing scripted necklaces, and thought a custom one might work for Sarah Jessica Parker’s character on the show. It was rumored to cost under $100. And so, the Carrie necklace was born but unlike her Berger-era fascinator, it was an accessory choice questioned for good reason. Many were quick to point out that the Carrie necklace gave the script necklace a new connotation—the style became associated with an HBO show and its TV appearance muddied the cultural connections to Black, Latin, and Arabic communities. 2.0 Carrie wears a different, blingier necklace (new Carrie also seems to have a much bigger budget); meet the Marlo Laz Pave Spiked Heart Necklace, which makes an appearance in the And Just Like That trailer and in the first episode.
Marlo Laz Spiked Heart Necklace, $13,360
The style was released in 2017, designed by Marlo Laz founder Jesse Marlo Lazowski. It’s part of the Agape Collection, which is inspired by seven types of Greek love–from Philautia, which corresponds as self-love to Pragma, meaning committed love.
Hand-cast from 14-karat gold, a sunburst heart pendant surrounded by spiked diamonds hangs from a small but chunky chain. “The pavé diamonds represent strength, and the motif of rays of sunshine serves as a symbol for letting the light shine in, to remind us to always try to find the light in both good times and in bad,” explains Lazowski.

Since the necklace itself is made in New York City, and the store’s boutique is in the West Village, where Carrie’s OG townhouse still stands, it almost felt kismet that the necklace would make its way onto the show. When Lazowski and her team received the call from stylists Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago requesting the necklace, they were already extremely excited and hopeful. Lazowski found out the heart-shaped necklace debuted on Carrie when she was in Miami for Art Basel. Her phone was dead and when she turned it on, she had tons of messages from friends and family who had spotted the style on Carrie in the trailer.

The designer’s Squash Beads are also worn by Carrie in multiple scenes throughout And Just Like That. “I walk by Carrie’s brownstone almost every day on my walk from our store to pick up a coffee from Sant Ambroeus. Since we found out she was wearing the heart necklace in the show, it’s been a ‘pinch me’ moment every time I pass by,” adds Lazowski.

“Collectively, we’ve spent years watching, learning from, and feeling so deeply invested in Carrie’s experiences in many different types of love and relationships,” says Lazowski. “This necklace signifies all of these loves, but most importantly, self-love. It makes me think of one of my favorite Carrie Bradshaw lines, ‘The most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.’”
Given that the heart has emerged as one of the most popular motifs in jewelry and accessories right now (from Gucci’s Aria heart clutch to Balenciaga and Isabel Marant’s earrings, and more), it makes sense that a bold heart necklace is primed to be one of the most ubiquitous accessories of late. Even more important, though, is the messaging behind it: “More and more women have begun purchasing hearts for themselves, as an emblem of self-love and empowerment–very much in the spirit of Carrie Bradshaw,” adds Lazowski. “I love to see how women have changed the narrative, reclaiming a symbol that was often a gift given by a significant other, and using it to honor themselves.”
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