View the Whole Line of Scarlett Gasque Corsets, Robes, and More

View the Whole Line of Scarlett Gasque Corsets, Robes, and More

Scarlett Gasque image from the campaign shot by Ellen von Unwerth
“I feel so good. I thought I was going to be nervous. But I was in the moment; it felt surreal. The best part was seeing the girls wear my work and seeing how they styled it.” It’s the morning after the launch of designer Chloé Rogers’ brand, Scarlett Gasque,” and the designer is positively glowing over lunch at The Connaught Hotel. The night prior, she hosted friends, family, and work colleagues—present and future—at Claridge’s for an evening of burlesque entertainment and canapés while models strolled through the crowd with cinched waists and hourglass figures courtesy Scarlett Gasque corsets. Rogers’s family had flown in for the occasion, including her mother Suzanne Rogers, glamorous in head-to-toe Chanel, and Ellen von Unwerth was also at the evening to support the designer. And while the iconic photographer had shot Rogers’ debut campaign, she kept snapping photos all night.
“I got the idea [to design corsetry] when I was studying fashion history at Central Saint Martins. I fell in love with corsetry, especially burlesque dancers,” starts Rogers who often peppers her sentences with “niche, special, a piece, and intimate,” when describing her brand and the world it belongs to. “Something I noticed—and I would go all over Europe to watch the Burlesque shows—was that either there was no traditional corsetry [corsets made with zippers] or, it was too traditional in that it was too structured and not for the every day woman.” Rogers sought to combine the two worlds and Scarlett Gasque was born. “Traditional corsets had 17 or 18 bones. The boning is what cinches you in. Our yellow corset has 11 bones and our pink corset has 14 bones.” Of her work, she nods, “It’s all metal,” adding that most corsets are made with plastic. “The main thing I wanted to do, was create something that women would wear as part of an outfit but that at night, would become the whole lingerie look,” she says of her collection that launches with 11 pieces centered around the corset. Below Vogue Arabia speaks to Chloé Rogers about making her years-long vision a reality.
Scarlett Gasque pearl basque corset
Did you have an “Aha moment” when you decided you wanted to make corsets?I have a photo hanging in my room that my mom gifted me. It was shot by Ellen von Unwerth and it’s actually has her daughter in the photo when she was young. There is a lady wearing a huge dress, and the daughter is styled in the same way. It’s very Marie-Antoinette but almost messy in a way, it’s not done up. I started looking into the dress and then the time period, and then I came across Dita Von Teese—I didn’t know anything about Burlesque – I mean I was 14 at the time and such a tom boy, I only shopped at Quick Silver and I was into skateboarding and I did BMX. I just started learning about it. It was never about the lingerie, it was about the lifestyle.
What is the lifestyle?In Miami, at the Faena hotel, they do a big show—it’s a mix of acrobatics, burlesque, and cabernet all in one. Every night before going out, I had to see the show. These women are so amazing. They are so fabulous and empowered and glamorous. I just fell in love with women loving themselves in such an expressive way. I ended up doing my dissertation on feminist politics within burlesque. Lydia Thompson, she was the first burlesque dancer [1868]. She was fully covered, but she showed her ankles and she would make fun of the boys—like you guys are ridiculous. Josephine Baker—another amazing woman. She used burlesque to fight racism. What she did was the same thing as Thompson—mocking people. She would dress up as the characters that men would put her down as, do a show, and then say, look at you , you love me. They would mock the standards that men put on women. If you watch some of the old shows or read scripts—what they would say was highly political. These were very intelligent women, and they would use comedy to get their political views across.
Scarlett Gasque pearl basque corset
The collection appears like French macarons in romantic pink, powder blue, citrine yellow… how did you come to this color palette?Growing up, I was a huge goth. I wore all black; very dark makeup. When I started attending school at Central Saint Martins, I saw everyone wearing these fabulous, colorful outfits, and it really shaped me to become the person I wanted to be. The more fun the better. I never want to wear black now. When it comes to lingerie, everyone buys black, red, or white. I always get inspired and excited when I pick out the unique piece, something that stands out. I feel like that’s what people remember. I wanted the pieces to pop and be exciting. The more exciting the better.

Scarlett Gasque dressing robe with faux fur lining
Your robe that you wore is lined in faux fur. Tell us more about how you came to that decision.Fur is a hard topic. I don’t think any brand should be making new fur; I’ve never bought new fur. But I do believe in recycling what exists from the past. Obviously when creating the collection, we had that conversation – and we decided to use faux fur. Also, a lot of fur is really dark and we wanted to die it blue or white. If I ever use fur in the future, it would definitely be second hand.
When women buy lingerie, one of the first things we ask ourselves is, “Will it fit?” Tell us about your sizing.Something that always frustrated me about the lingerie market is you couldn’t get an extra large size with a small cup or an extra small with a large cup. The iconic brands don’t have extra cup sizes. It’s a very small percentage of women who can fit into that category. All of our corsets can be purchased in every size depending on your cup. We range from extra small to extra large and I would like to expand on that even further. Already, you can buy an A cup and an extra large corset or an E cup with an extra small corset.

Scarlett Gasque Lace Corset
Scarlett Gasque Lace Corset with pearls
The corsets feature pearl accouterments. Tell us more.I feel like I got [the idea for] pearls from my mother. She always wore pearls while I was growing up. For years, I would wear pearl earrings; that was my thing. I always thought that pearls on women brought out their eyes. It made them whiter. You look glowier when you wear pearls. The whole idea was to highlight the face. I wanted them to be removable so that the girls can take them off, or drape them in the back, or wear them around the neck. Layer them. All the straps are removable.
Ellen von Unwerth and Chloé Rogers, designer of Scarlett Gasque. Photo Rowben Lantion
Tell us more about your vision for this campaign shot by Ellen von Unwerth.Ellen made my vision come to life. I had two ideas—I wanted to do a messy, Alice and Wonderland, garden, cupcakes, very Nineties Kate Moss look, and another idea was girls getting ready in the mirror, running down the stairs, hanging from the chandelier. Ellen said, “Why not do both and bring them together and create a story?” She can get a shot in two seconds but she perfects it. I was in awe watching her. Every shot, we were in the room for an hour, an hour and a half, and she wouldn’t stop until she thought it was perfect.
Scarlett Gasque poke-a-dot bow wired bra Scarlett Gasque poke-a-dot bow knicker Scarlett Gasque poke-a-dot bow knicker Scarlett Gasque poke-a-dot bow suspender Scarlett Gasque poke-a-dot bow suspender Scarlett Gasque lace wired bra Scarlett Gasque lace thong Scarlett Gasque lace thong Scarlett Gasque pink satin thong Scarlett Gasque pink satin thong Scarlett Gasque yellow embroidery thong Scarlett Gasque yellow embroidery thong
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The 25 Best Shapewear Pieces for Women to Wear With Anything

The 25 Best Shapewear Pieces for Women to Wear With Anything

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While traditional women’s underwear provides basic modesty, contemporary shapewear puts in serious work — smoothing, lifting and shaping. Many shoppers are introduced to shapewear in the lead-up to a big event, like a wedding or formal occasion in which shapewear’s smoothing capabilities will best show off a bridal gown or slinky dress.
New mothers may also benefit from shapewear, with corset-like garments commonly referred to as “waist trainers” giving much-needed back support and even encouraging tummies to return to their pre-baby size.
But with more shapewear than ever available to shoppers, experts say that anyone can take advantage of the category’s figure-flattering possibilities. “Shapewear is no longer your grandma’s girdle,” says Nordstrom National Fit Director Liisa Thorson. “It has evolved to include sexy yet functional options for women to wear daily.”

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She adds: “Shapewear can give a confidence boost, which is why so many people wear it. It not only gives a secure feeling, but offers a great silhouette and smooths out any lumps and bumps, which overall can make you look slimmer and prevent clothing from clinging in all the wrong places.”
Net-a-Porter’s Senior Market Editor Libby Page agrees that “great shapewear can offer support without feeling restrictive,” noting that it can make people feel confident in their clothing, “particularly when they’re wearing slinkier silhouettes.”
Types of shapewear
There are several key items that comprise the ideal shapewear wardrobe, many of which meet different needs.
Briefs: A classic underwear style that can smooth lumps and bumps and even lift the butt. High-waisted versions will also smooth the tummy.
Thongs: Thongs are handy for avoiding the dreaded visible panty line. Shapewear thongs are typically high-waisted, smoothing the abdomen and back while letting lower body curves show. “They help deliver a seamless look,” Page says.
Shorts: Most current shapewear shorts hit mid-thigh. They help smooth the thighs, butt, hips and stomach. They’re a handy accessory for formalwear and even for daily use. Thorson notes they’re “perfect for summertime under dresses or skirts.”
Bodysuits: Bodysuits are available in brief or thong styles, with shorts or full-length legs. Bodysuits are ideal for body smoothing and support lift.
Slips: Slips are a classic style that help avoid static and clinging and can provide extra coverage under sheer garments. Shapewear versions provide expansive compression across the upper and lower body. They’re a great formalwear option. 
Camisoles. Camisoles and bras have also entered the shapewear arena, establishing a larger presence in recent years. They “offer support while smoothing silhouettes,” says Page.Top Shapewear for Women

What to look for to find the best shapewear for your needs
Thorson says finding the best shapewear today hinges on compression level.

Light compression: Similar to the fit of your favorite workout bras and leggings, “light compression in shapewear is all about smoothing and provides second skin, everyday comfort,” Thorson explains. Page says light shapewear has seen the most innovation in recent years thanks to Kim Kardashian West’s shapewear brand Skims, in particular. “Shapewear pieces have started to double up as tops, shorts and bodysuits, which can be worn in everyday life, while simultaneously enhancing the body,” she explains.
Medium compression: Shoppers looking to actually adjust their silhouette should consider medium compression garments. “The medium level provides more moderate shaping, which is great for targeting specific areas like your hips or tummy,” Thorson says.
Firm compression: “It’s all about sculpting,” Thorson says. “Firm is the maximum compression that delivers all-over results. This type of shapewear is typically worn underneath a special occasion dress or outfit when you want to really feel supported.”
Beyond compression level, Thorson advises buying the correct size. When it comes to shapewear, smaller is generally better. “Shapewear will stretch out, so it needs to fit snugly when you purchase it,” Thorson says.
Spandex, modal and nylon are key materials to look for in shapewear, Thorson says, with lots of garments including silicone for grip, too.
Several brands are leading the way in shapewear, now. For the last two decades, Spanx has been the top brand in shapewear innovation, and still produces consistently great products. Newer brands on the block are Honey Love, Commando, Wolford and Heist, to name a few.
Brands like Skims have championed being size and skin tone-inclusive, offering sizes up to 5X and neutral colors that go far beyond the basic beige and black hues. “It has been great to see a more diverse offering catered to different skin tones and wider sizing options in recent seasons, from brands including Heist, Skims and Commando,” Page says.
And while shapewear has typically been no frills, some labels are making garments as appealing as lingerie. “Brands like Honey Love are really disrupting the shapewear industry by having products that are super sexy and functional,” Thorson notes.

Below, see the 25 best shapewear garments from top shapewear brands that are super popular and highly reviewed.
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Natori Plush High Waist Shaping Thong
Best Shapewear Underwear
Lace trim
Silicone grip at waist
Lingerie feel
Consider the Natori Plush high-waisted shaping thong a hybrid of shapewear and lingerie. The tummy-targeting panels give the benefits of the former, while sweet lace trim makes it feel more like the latter. The high-rise style stays in place with its silicone grip at the waist. Available in six sizes that fit a wide range of bodies, these give just the right amount of support to slim out one’s silhouette in a pencil skirt or favorite jeans. They’re available in black or a light beige and perfect for light tummy control.

Natori Plush High Waist Shaping Thong


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Maidenform Firm Foundations Shapewear Leggings
Best Shapewear Leggings
Available in regular and tall
Pull-on closure
Tummy control waistband
Waistband pocket
Feel confident in your leggings with Maidenform’s Firm Foundations shapewear leggings. They’re not only intended for workouts; instead, they’re designed to be worn from day to night, from work to weekend plans. Full-length leggings offer extra support at the tummy, waist and butt. A waistband pocket stores essentials. Lightweight, breathable fabric will make these your go-to pair. They’ve earned hundreds of Amazon reviews and an average 4.5-star rating. One reviewer even called them “great post-surgery compression leggings.”

Maidenform Firm Foundations Shapewear Leggings


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Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Shapewear Shorts
Best Maternity Shapewear
Seamless design
Stretchy but not restrictive
Also good for postpartum wear
Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Shapewear shorts are the perfect go-with-everything closet staple to wear throughout pregnancy. The design is totally seamless to prevent itching or irritation. The stretchy material is intended to grow with moms’ baby bump, then smooth out with the belly postpartum. Since these shorts are geared toward changing bodies, they’re aren’t as restrictive as typical shapewear.“Since they are for pregnancy, they aren’t super super tight, but they will still smooth out your lines and give support,” one reviewer writes. The shorts are available in four sizes.

Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Shapewear Shorts


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Spanx OnCore High Waist Mid-Thigh Shaper Shorts
Best Shapewear for Wedding Dresses
Firm compression
Below the bust to mid-thigh
Side panels prevent squeezing
Keep your body looking streamlined and supported under any type of gown — whether strapless or off-the-shoulder, long or short — with the Spanx OnCore high-waisted mid-thigh Shaper shorts. They mold and compress the body from below the bust to mid-thigh. They’re powerful but lightweight, so they won’t heat you up while you’re dancing the night away. The perfect undergarments for a wedding dress, these sculpt the waist, tummy, hips, thighs and rear. The bonded tummy panel supports the abdominals. The side panels offer squeeze-free slimming and easy movement. Wear these when you want to feel snatched.

Spanx OnCore High Waist Mid-Thigh Shaper Shorts


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Skims Seamless Sculpt Sculpting Bodysuit
Best Backless Shapewear
Adjustable straps
Sizes up to 5XL
Skims’ Seamless Sculpt sculpting bodysuit is perfect for pairing with the low-back tops and dresses in your closet. The straps are adjustable so you can achieve the perfect fit. The seamless style features high-cut legs. It lifts the butt and compresses the tummy for a flattering effect. With support at the bust, this shapewear has you fully covered. It’s available in nine shades that suit a far wider range of skin tones than the typical beige and black. And, it fits sizes up to a 5XL.

Skims Seamless Sculpt Sculpting Bodysuit


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Yummie Ruby Thong Bodysuit
Best Shapewear Bodysuit
Can be worn on its own or underneath other clothes
Available with stripes or in solid colors
Light control
The Yummie Ruby thong bodysuit offers light support that’s appropriate for daily wear, whether in the office or out to brunch with friends. It creates a figure-sculpting foundation that can be worn with or without a bra depending on the support you need. Available in fun stripes, or more basic white or black, it will look great worn under a blazer for your next meeting or with jeans on the weekend. The thong style doesn’t add any bulk underneath pants. It’s ideal for lightly targeting the tummy area and back fat.

Yummie Ruby Thong Bodysuit


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Commando Ultimate Opaque Control Top Tights
Best Shapewear Tights
Tummy Control
Medium support
Seamless top
Are your winter tights doing enough work? Commando’s Ultimate opaque control top tights don’t just shield your legs from cold temperatures and provide a flattering silhouette, they also shape your body. Get full leg coverage and tummy control with these must-own tights. The seamless top smooths without leaving any bumps or lines. They offer medium control for not just the tummy, but also the hips, thighs and bum. They’re available in three sizes, so you’ll want to snap up a few pairs to style them with all of your fall and winter skirts and dresses.

Commando Ultimate Opaque Control Top Tights


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Honey Love SuperPower Thong
Best Shapewear for Waist and Tummy
Ultra-high waist
Available in plus size up to 2X.
X-style compression
The Honey Love SuperPower thong slims the entire midsection. The ultra-high waist silhouette smooths the waist and stomach, all the way up to the bust. The brand’s X-style compression binds and compresses without squeezing your curves. The thong panty means panty lines won’t be a problem. Wear this under a strapless dress at a formal event or under jeans and a sweater for an evening out. And, it even comes in plus sizes.

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Honey Love SuperPower Thong


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Wolford Mat de Luxe Shapewear Bodysuit
Best Seamless Shapewear
Second skin fit
Adjustable straps
The Wolford Mat de Luxe shapewear bodysuit offers sleek shaping. The seamless style allows the wearer to don their own bra for the perfect fit and can accommodate a low neckline top. Lightweight compression supports the tummy, hips and back. Adjustable straps allow for customizable support. Matte stretch jersey is lightweight, fitting like a second skin.

Wolford Mat de Luxe Shapewear Bodysuit


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Natori Feathers High Waist Control Top Shaping Briefs
Best Tummy Control Shapewear
Structured boning
High waist
Feather lace detailing
When it comes to creating a sleek, streamlined silhouette, let Natori do the heavy lifting with these Feathers high-waist control top shaping briefs. Boning provides the structure necessary for great tummy control. The high-rise gives coverage up to the waistline. The nylon/spandex mix sucks the stomach in for proper fit in your favorite outfit. It also features full coverage across the bum. Feather lace adds elegant detail that makes these brief some of the chicest shapewear around.

Natori Feathers High Waist Control Top Shaping Briefs


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Free People Square Off Compression Tank
Best Shapewear Tank
Great daily tank
Light to medium compression support
Can be worn on its own as a base layer
The Free People Square Off compression tank is a real wardrobe game-changer. For some women, the medium support and thick fabric makes foregoing a bra a no-brainer. In white and black, it’s the perfect neutral tank to pair with jeans and a sweater for an easy daily uniform. The square-neck is ultra-flattering, and the wide straps are nice and supportive. This enhances your natural shape without heavy binding.

Free People Square Off Compression Tank


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Maidenform Wear Your Own Bra Singlet
Best Shapewear for Thighs
Smooths from bra-line to mid-thigh
360-degree shaping
Adjustable straps
The Maidenform Wear Your Own Bra singlet targets the tummy, hips and thighs. Subtle, adjustable shoulder straps provide overall lift, but this shapewear’s genius move is allowing you to wear your own bra for custom fit and support. 360-degree shaping means you look good from every angle without enduring any pinching or rubbing. The fabric is lightweight and moisture-wicking, plus anti-static and cling-free to go with every outfit. It’s earned rave Amazon feedback, with close to 5,000 4.5-star reviews.

Maidenform Wear Your Own Bra Singlet


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Spanx Suit Your Fancy Stretch Bodysuit
Best Full-Length Shapewear Bodysuit
Open chest for low necklines
Adjustable straps
Goes to the ankle
The Spanx Suit Your Fancy stretch bodysuit provides cinching support to nearly every inch of your body from shoulder to ankle, with Spanx’s signature compression fabric streamlining your silhouette. Adjustable straps give a flattering lift. The front is open to accommodate low necklines or pair with your favorite bra for custom fit and support. Wear this under long gowns and maxi dresses. Pro tip: This will keep you warm at cold-weather formal events when worn underneath your favorite dress.

Spanx Suit Your Fancy Stretch Bodysuit


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Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts
Best Shapewear Shorts
Available in up to 4XL
Non-slip silicone
Smooths waist, thigh and back
The Shapermint high-waisted Body Shaper shorts are a bestseller in Amazon’s shapewear thigh-slimmers category. Available in a beige nude and black, they’re completely seamless and designed for everyday wear. There is coverage at every angle from tummy to thigh. They stay in place thanks to non-slip silicone that keeps them from rolling down. The high compression level creates a streamlined look.

Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts


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JoyShaper Full Body Slip Shaper
Best Shapewear for a Dress
Slip can be used as a visible base layer
Adjustable straps
Comes with extra set of clear straps
The JoyShaper full body slip Shaper is ideal for donning under a dress. Adjustable straps mean it can be adjusted to stay below the neckline of any garment. Opaque straps can also be swapped out for clear ones for extra invisibility. Entirely seamless, it even eliminates the need for you to wear a bra. Amazon reviewers say it “smooths everything out with a non-binding feeling.” It’s breathable and moisture-wicking. Get it in four different shades, with or without lace accents.

JoyShaper Full Body Slip Shaper


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Skims Core Control Thong
Best Shapewear Thong
Available in plus size
Tummy control
Skims’ Core Control thong is designed to be a wardrobe staple. The thong style smooths and tightly contours the abdomen, while guaranteeing no visible panty lines nor extra bulk. The supportive compressive fit extends just above the waist. It stays in place with a double waistband featuring a strip of silicone at the back. It’s available in sizes up to 5XL.

Skims Core Control Thong


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KeabBabies 3-in-1 Postpartum Belly Support Recovery Wrap
Best Postpartum Shapewear
Three wraps to wear for different postpartum stages
Lower back support is great for nursing moms
Totally adjustable
Postpartum shapewear can be a great tool for new moms recovering from pregnancy and birth. KeabBabies 3-in-1 Postpartum Belly Support Recovery Wrap includes three different adjustable wraps designed to slowly aid a woman’s shrinking stomach. First, wear the stomach belt to reduce swelling, then add the waist belt for lumbar support after a week. Finally, add the pelvis belt seven to 12 weeks postpartum to help return hips to their pre-pregnancy state. The entire recovery wrap is soft and breathable, geared toward maintaining healthy posture and speeding up recovery from childbirth. Doctor-endorsed, it’s a cost-effective support aid.

KeabBabies 3 in 1 Postpartum Belly Support Recovery Wrap


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Wolford Sheer Touch Shapewear Skirt
Best Sheer Shapewear
Seam-free hem
Elasticized waist
Wolford’s Sheer Touch skirt shows that shapewear can be chic. Sheer, stretchy fabric provides medium support. The high-rise cut has a wide, elasticized waistband that cinches the waist. The silky skirt has a seam-free hem and luxurious feel. Wear it for body smoothing effects under skirts and dresses.

Wolford Sheer Touch Shapewear Skirt


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SexyWG Waist Cincher Girdle Thong
Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch
Thong panty
Steel bone shaping
Targets waist to lower tummy
A versatile style to go under dresses, miniskirts or high-waisted pants, the SexyWG Waist Cincher Girdle thong provides lots of support and minimal coverage. It specifically targets the tummy, spanning the waistline to the lower belly. Built-in spiral steel boning is extra supportive to keep everything in place and promote good posture. The breathable fabric can be worn all day. Thousands of Amazon reviewers laud its slimming effects.

SexyWG Waist Cincher Girdle Thong


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Spanx Under Sculpture High-Rise Control Shorts
Best Extreme Tummy Control Shapewear
Fastenings at front and back
Boning at the waist
Compression through mid-thigh
Spanx Under Sculpture high-rise Control shorts give tons of support and tummy control. A corset-style waist sculpts the figure with fastenings at the front and back. Boning adds extra structure. Signature stretch-jersey streamlines the hips, bum and upper thighs. Don these for special events to make the most of an hourglass figure. It’s available in five sizes.

Spanx Under Sculpture High-Rise Control Shorts


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Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Corset
Best Postpartum Shapewear Corset
Compression fabric
If you’re a mew mom looking to snap back sooner rather than later, the Belly Bandit Mother Tucker corset was made for you. It works double duty to slim the appearance of post-pregnancy tummy while aiding the body’s return to pre-pregnancy shape. Soft boning keeps the corset in place. The stretchy compression fabric helps suck in the stomach and streamline your silhouette under dresses and shirts. One reviewer said, “This corset gave me my waist back and more of an hourglass shape. I can even wear it while I’m nursing.” Be sure to order your pre-pregnancy size.

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Corset


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Nebility Butt Lifter Shapewear
Best Body Shapewear
Double Tummy Control
The Nebility Butt Lifter shapewear is a top seller on Amazon with nearly 40,000 four-star reviews. Strategic support gives the wearer an hourglass figure. The breathable fabric is antibacterial, keeping you cool underneath dresses and workwear. The high-waist design boasts double tummy control. The style focuses on the entire mid-body, giving the derriere a major lift, too. Available in beige and black, it’s perfect for your next event.

Nebility Butt Lifter Shapewear


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Skims Stretch-Neoprene Waist Trainer
Best Waist Trainer Shapewear
In sizes up to 4XL
Adjustable fit
Stretchy material
The Skims stretch-neoprene waist trainer isn’t as restrictive as one might assume of a corset-like garment. This one utilizes thin stretch-neoprene for more give and comfort than the average waist trainer. A mesh liner makes the accessory breathable. It sculpts and naturally accentuates curves. Wear it under dresses or even under a t-shirt while running errands. Multiple hook-and-eye closures allow size adjustment. It’s available in sizes XXS to 4XL.

Skims Stretch-Neoprene Waist Trainer


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Spanx Thinstincts 2.0 High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short
Best Lightweight Shapewear
Extra high waist
Targeted tummy and thigh control
There’s no need to sweat in your shapewear with Spanx’s Thinstincts 2.0 high-waisted mid-thigh short. It uses printed technology to deliver targeted control in a single lightweight layer. These mid-thigh shorts target the tummy and thighs with wrap-around support. An ultra-high-waist hits just below the bust. Best of all, these are some of the lightest and most breathable shapewear styles available, ideal for wearing under your daily outfits.

Spanx Thinstincts 2.0 High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short


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How long should shapewear last?
According to Thorson, shapewear’s longevity depends upon how often you’re wearing it. “If you wear shapewear every day, it will last a few months,” she says. “If you wear it once a week or less, it should last a year or more.”
Taking proper care of shapewear garments will help to keep their stretch, making them last longer over time.
How to clean and take the best care of your shapewear
Lots of shapewear on the above list can be washed in the machine. However, hand washing is typically more gentle on items and will help them last longer.
Thorson advises to wash shapewear by hand with warm water and a fabric wash or mild shampoo, rinse it well and then hang it to dry. Those short on time or who don’t have the motivation to hand wash pieces “can also put them in the washing machine using a gentle cycle and lingerie bag,” she says.
If you’re using a machine, wash your shapewear on cold as you would other delicates, and hang styles to dry so they aren’t stretched out.
Meet the experts
Liisa Thorson is Nordstrom’s national fit director.

Libby Page is the senior market editor at luxury retailer Net-A-Porter, where works with the company’s buyers to bring shoppers the latest trends in clothing, shoes and accessories.

EXCLUSIVE: Roman Sipe Named Creative Director of Men’s Division at Cosabella and Journelle

EXCLUSIVE: Roman Sipe Named Creative Director of Men’s Division at Cosabella and Journelle

Cosabella’s men’s division has a new creative director.Starting this month, Roman Sipe will take the helm as creative director of the men’s division at the Italian innerwear and underwear brand, as well as creative director of men’s at luxury boutique Journelle. Both firms are owned and operated by the Campello family. 
“Roman is a pioneer in men’s underwear; he’s a true creative,” Guido Campello told WWD. 
Campello, whose parents Valeria and Ugo Campello founded Cosabella in 1983, currently serves as creative director of women’s at Cosabella, as well as co-chief executive officer, along with his sister Silvia Campello. “And Roman is an operator,” Campello continued. “He runs his business.”

Luxury lingerie brand Cosabella offers underwear in sizes that fit across all body forms.
Courtesy Photo

Sipe’s business ventures include luxury men’s underwear brand Menagerie Intimates, which he launched in 2015. The designer said he was excited to work with Cosabella — and Campello, in particular — because of the company’s nearly 40-year history. 

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“I’m a self-taught designer. I’m a self-taught brand owner,” Sipe said. “And to have Guido [Campello] as a mentor, as well as Giorgio [Latini], the production manager that we work with in Italy…the research and the knowledge that these men bring to the industry that I’m new to is key. I focus on the beauty of my lingerie and who I am trying to reach. But in order to scale and in order to build brand awareness and grow, I need a mentor within our [intimates] world.”
But Sipe, who is based in Fabriano, Italy, near Cosabella’s factories, is not completely new to the industry. In fact, he’s been in the fashion scene for at least 10 years, between L.A. and New York. His résumé includes celebrity stylist, fashion stylist (with brands such as G-Star and Seven For All Mankind), designer and founder. He also has a bachelor’s degree in finance, styled music videos, contestants on “America’s Next Top Model” and won Macy’s The Next Style Star Competition, a reality show competition that gave him the chance to produce a fashion campaign for the department store. 
“And that is exactly when I decided I wanted to design,” Sipe explained. “And I was like, what am I going to design? The first thing that came to mind was underwear. And I was googling underwear and I didn’t see anything that I would wear.”

Luxury lingerie brand Cosabella now offers underwear in sizes that fit across all body forms.
Courtesy Photo

In the new role, Sipe has been tasked with building out the male body form division, starting with the spring 2023 collections, across Cosabella and Journelle. (Campello and his wife Sapna Palep purchased luxury lingerie boutique Journelle, which has locations in New York and Chicago, along with the e-commerce business, in 2019.) Sipe will also assist Campello on creative direction for Cosabella’s and Journelle’s women’s collections. 
“I always thought I would be the creative director [of Cosabella] forever,” Campello explained. “I thought I had enough creative direction in understanding trends and movement, because I’ve been in this space forever. But very clearly, I think the speed at which the last two years moved, I realized there’s all these worlds out there now that are getting exposure and they need premium products, better products. And one of those places is men’s. The biggest step I took was to understand that I can’t speak to everybody. I know my world. 

“Ultimately, [Sipe] has a comfort level with teaching and talking about that product that’s different from other people,” Campello continued. “I’ve learned a lot already from him, about utility, solution underwear, solution undergarments in that space.”
Campello, who is based in New York, will continue to act as creative director of women’s, with some input from Sipe on the division. He added that it makes sense for Sipe to be based in Italy, near production facilities, in order for him to gain a better understanding of the entire process, starting with the supply chain. 

Luxury lingerie boutique Journelle in New York City. Campello and his wife Sapna Palep purchased the business in 2019.
Courtesy Photo

Meanwhile, Cosabella continues to build out his assortment for men, which launched last fall. Campello is quick to point out, however, that it’s not so much for men, as it is for the male body form. That could take the shape of underwear — which is cut in the same style and fabric across both men’s and women’s — but with added volume in the crotch area to accommodate for men, or bras for men, he explained. 
“We’re a very inclusive brand at Cosabella,” Campello said. “Journelle is becoming inclusive. But to truly be inclusive you need to bring in the people who do those things. Journelle does it by bringing in other brands that we sell. But Cosabella needs that influence,” he added, explaining the need to onboard Sipe. 

Sapna Palep and Guido Campello.
Courtesy Photo

For his part, Sipe’s wish list for the company includes creating sizing guides for men, adding in more lace and bra options, as well as bra fittings for men, while breaking down long-held societal stigmas around men — or the male form — in the lingerie space. He also wants to help expand the range of women who feel comfortable at Journelle by adding more choices for plus-size and transgender shoppers, among others. 
“The most exciting part is coming in and optimizing the male shopping experience: the product, the styles, what we want to do,” Sipe said. “And building what men’s lingerie actually looks like and what it means to actually design for the male form. We have the opportunity to expand what men’s lingerie means. 
“For instance, the fit chart is a really interesting thing for me,” he continued. “Because I know a lot of men who say, I wear a boxer brief. I want to build out a men’s fit guide that lets you know what is proper for what style of pants you’re wearing. I think that’s where my styling experience comes in. And to create a shopping space for men, because most of the time they’re shopping for their partners, their girlfriend, wife, for a woman. But now the goal is to have them come into the store [independently] for Cosabella’s men’s line and with my line. 

“I knew starting my brand, the gays were going to love it,” Sipe added. “The fashion men and women were going to love it. But as my brand grew, I started getting contacted by all different men. And [that experience] has been so much fun. Because all it takes is for people to see [men’s lingerie], to accept it. But also, to see it done right. To understand it and to break down all the walls.”

EXCLUSIVE: Karl Lagerfeld Adds a Black-tie Touch to Lingerie

EXCLUSIVE: Karl Lagerfeld Adds a Black-tie Touch to Lingerie

Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to narrow the gap between a tuxedo and a lingerie set — along with a wink to the Chippendales.
A clip-on collar and black waist-cinchers with satin buttons are all part of the brand’s latest surprising collaboration: a capsule collection of lingerie and corsetry with Aubade Paris, the ne plus ultra of premium French innerwear.
The new range for fall 2021 retailing dovetails with Karl Lagerfeld’s recent foray into the thriving underwear and loungewear markets. Last month, the brand launched its underwear collection for men and women exclusively on and German e-commerce platform Zalando ahead of its arrival in stores beginning in January.
Sales of intimate apparel have risen sharply in the wake of this year’s coronavirus lockdowns, as consumers hop on the trend for comfort dressing.

The Karl Lagerfeld x Aubade collection is less about comfort and more about seduction and celebrating the body — with a formal touch.
The premium range — in black or ruby red — incorporates guipure embroideries, mesh embellishments and satin-covered buttons. The satin elements are inspired by the tuxedo jacket, an iconic piece in the Lagerfeld lexicon, while the clip-on collar is a reference to the late founder, rather than those famous male strippers.
Bras are available in cup sizes ranging from A to F, with underwear ranging from XS to XXL.

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“When this project was brought forward to us by Aubade, we thought it would be perfectly complimentary to the underwear launch we already had planned,” said Pier Paolo Righi, chief executive officer of Karl Lagerfeld, which is headquartered in Amsterdam and Paris, noting that the capsule “very elegantly portrays the message of Parisian chic jointly expressed by two fashion houses that have this attribute in their DNA.”
Righi pointed out that Lagerfeld incorporated lingerie into his fashion shows and photo shootings: “He never looked at it as a separate element, but rather as one fashion element of the total picture.”
Ditto for the company that bears his name.
“It was not really a sudden decision to launch underwear, but a result of the fact that underwear is continuously growing as an important element of your self-expression and becoming an integral part of people’s fashion expression,” the executive said.
The average price for a Karl Lagerfeld x Aubade lingerie set is around 169 euros.
Founded in 1958 at the height of girdles, Paris-based Aubade is known for its use of luxurious materials — including Leavers lace from Calais, France and Swiss embroidery — plus expert fitting and cuts. Parisians are familiar with its artful, yet sexy black-and-white bus stop ads, and Aubade produces a calendar of such imagery every year.
According to Karl Lagerfeld, it and Aubade share a passion for photography, elegance, irreverence and their Parisian heritage, while the co-branded capsule “embraces an effortless, rock-chic attitude.”
Coincidentally, Aubade has a collaboration with Baptiste Giabiconi, one of Lagerfeld’s favorite male models and muses.
Honoring its late founder’s penchant for surprising collaborations, Karl Lagerfeld has also cued up a spring 2021 collection with buzzy designer Kenneth Ize, whose colorful, energetic and gender-fluid fashions exalt Nigerian weaving and craft skills, plus a range of environment-friendly accessories with model and eco campaigner Amber Valletta.

The brand has recently done collaborations with beauty giant L’Oréal Paris, fashion entrepreneur Olivia Palermo, and yarn and fabric promoter The Woolmark Company.
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