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Kylie Jenner’s Massive Closet Has TikTok Comparing It to a Mall — Watch the Video

Kylie Jenner’s Massive Closet Has TikTok Comparing It to a Mall — Watch the Video

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Based on her frequent wardrobe changes, one could assume Kylie Jenner has quite the wardrobe. The makeup mogul went ahead and confirmed those suspicions in a recent TikTok.
In a video posted on Saturday evening, Kylie explained that she had intended to film a complete “get ready with me” video for her followers. However, technical difficulties ensued, and instead, she pivoted to a clip that featured her deciding on a purse. “I’m upset, because I filmed a whole get dressed with me for you guys, and I lost it,” she says. “So now I’m dressed…and you can help me pick a bag.”

Serving as Kylie Jenner‘s virtual stylist is noteworthy enough, but it’s her massive closet that’s drawn the attention of TikTok. The room, which is perhaps bigger than my apartment, features long walls of accessories.

After deciding on a purse, Kylie poses in front of a different section of the closet. Floor-to-ceiling displays are again featured behind her. Taking the camera with her as she prepares to exit the room/miniature mall, she shows followers her sunglasses display, which basically looks like a mall kiosk, complete with mirror. On the back side of her sunglasses, you can briefly see what looks to be a hat display.

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Followers compared the closet to a “whole mall,” with one TikTok user writing, “none of us can relate.” Some noted the appearance of an echo, presumably a reflection of the space’s large size, while others pointed to what sound like music being piped through the room. “The elevator music in the back,” wrote one person. Another added, “The wall behind u is like a billion dollars.”
While some users asked to borrow a purse, another genius wrote, “kylie can you buy me an iphone, my parents won’t because they don’t like iPhone, but they gotta understand quality over quantity.”
As TikTok waits for a closet tour, the jokes continued, with one person writing, “THIS IS A CLOSET??? girl i thought you was at the store.”
This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a peek at Kylie’s closet. In a previous clip, Stormi made an appearance, trying on Kylie’s many shoes. It appears as if Stormi will definitely have an assortment of clothing to choose from as she ages. In fact, Kylie recently confessed that she does plan to pass down her Met Gala dresses to her daughter.
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