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Pyer Moss Releases First Handbag and High-heel Designs

Pyer Moss Releases First Handbag and High-heel Designs

Pyer Moss’ Kerby Jean-Raymond has returned from a brief design hiatus and dropped his first full-fledged accessories line of handbags and shoes.The former Reebok global creative director is known for his sold-out sneaker designs for the athleticwear giant as well as his own brand, but Jean-Raymond has now made a larger departure into women-specific shoes that all come furnished with high heels.
A range of five handbag designs and four shoe styles became exclusively available on Pyer Moss’ website on Thursday afternoon. They represent what Jean-Raymond hopes is a new direction for the brand that focuses on imaginative, everyday styles.
The designer told WWD of the collection drop via email that, “accessories have always been a part of our collections and we do plan to grow the category moving forward. We are just putting out products to our customers as they are ready.”

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Pyer Moss’ inaugural handbag collection utilizes a hand-shaped motif, like a lady-like handle bag ensconced in a wraparound belt of two interlocking palm shapes, and a cheekier purse that looks like a two-dimensional facsimile of a rubber glove.
Jean-Raymond said that the larger inspiration was carried over from a collection that was never released. “The hand motif was something that we started to work on in early 2019 for what was the first version of collection four, then we brought it over to our couture collection (as seen in our ‘curtain rod’ and ‘mop’ look). [It’s] something that feels fun, familiar, and reminds [us] of togetherness,” he said.
There are simpler styles as well, like a slant-shape shoulder bag and an everyday bag with a detachable shoulder strap that’s offered in three sizes.
The bags, all produced in Italy, are priced from $495 to $1,800 and are largely available in both black or yellow leather. There’s an additional run of small leather goods priced from $200 to $500 that includes wallets, key chain fobs and card holders — many of them embroidered with the same hand motif.
Pyer Moss’ first heel design takes a naïve, organic shape that could become an identifiable brand signature. “As my team is growing, we are starting to serve the needs and wants of women that work here (as well as our customers) and it’s something that they are proud of,” Jean-Raymond said of the departure into heels.
The custom heel is offered in different proportions that suit each shoe design — taking a more stout outline on a lower elevation, 4.5-inch heeled sandal and appearing taller and spindly on a zip-up ankle boot with 5-inch heels. The latter style also comes in an over-the-knee version and there’s a lace-up stiletto to round out the collection as well.
All of the shoes — running from $850 to $1,400 — are offered in red, yellow and black — except for the over-the-knee boots, which are exclusively offered in black.
Jean-Raymond marked the occasion of his new collection launch by installing a Pyer Moss billboard in his childhood neighborhood of East Flatbush, Brooklyn. The image is part of a larger digital campaign with images shot by Shikeith and styled by rising talent and new Interview magazine fashion director Dara Allen.

For now, Jean-Raymond has decided to exclusively sell his accessories on Pyer Moss’ own website but has not ruled out wholesale in the future. “Direct-to-consumer allows us to control our narrative, our inventory and to produce what was necessary to sell. We have worked and will continue to work with retail partners in the future,” he said.

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