Queen Rania Wears the Traditional Jordanian Keffiyeh to Meet the Country’s Youth

Queen Rania Wears the Traditional Jordanian Keffiyeh to Meet the Country’s Youth Rania wearing the Jordanian keffiyeh. Photo: Queen Rania‘s royal wardrobe is often talked about and loved for its modest and style-forward pieces. However, a more significant facet of her looks is how she often makes a nod to Jordan with her sartorial picks, whether it’s by wearing a local designer or traditional numbers when meeting the people of the country as their queen. The royal recently stepped out to meet the Jordanian youth by paying a visit to the city of Al Salt on January 10. Known for always being dressed in stylish and occasion-appropriate ensembles, this time, Queen Rania showed her appreciation for the youth’s dedication to Jordanian heritage by reciprocating it with her own love for the country’s traditional attire.

The royal opted for a minimalistic look paired with the traditional Jordanian keffiyeh scarf. Her look consisted of a plain off-white T-shirt and dark blue skinny jeans under an oversized white collared jacket. She topped it off with a red and white keffiyeh scarf loosely yet symbolically worn over her shoulders. As for her footwear, Queen Rania ditched heels and sported comfortable black sneakers and wore her hair down in soft waves.

Photos of her trip posted to social media show the royal interacting with members of the Al-Khader Center, Handrah Program, Balqawi Wedding Experience, and, Darbk Salek. Queen Rania took to her own Instagram to share: “So proud of Jordanian youth for their drive, dedication to their communities, and love of Jordanian heritage.”
Scroll through the gallery below to see more of the royal’s best looks.

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