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The 25 Best Kaftans To Wear for Iftars and Suhoors This Ramadan

The 25 Best Kaftans To Wear for Iftars and Suhoors This Ramadan

Vogue Arabia, April 2022. Photo: Greg Adamski
Ramadan is officially here, and with it, comes a festive mood that’s almost palpable in the region. With Covid-19 restrictions finally a thing of the past, 2022 is giving all the chance to make the most of the Holy Month with special suhoor and iftar gatherings, many of which may require an ensemble that’s as eye-catching as it is comfortable.
Cue the evergreen kaftan—a classic that’s long been a favorite for a reason. Most often crafted using breezy fabrics like cotton, silk, linen and organza, kaftans manage to tick all the right boxes for festive occasions. While their relaxed silhouettes allow ease of movement, the right cut can do wonders, creating an elegant shape that no other outfit can quite compete with. And for the modest dresser, the kaftan delivers time and again with its demure aesthetic. What more could you ask for?
As we dive into one of the most joyous and meaningful times of the year, Vogue Arabia takes you through some of the best kaftans to invest in this Ramadan.

Pastel kaftans for suhoor
As temperatures continue to rise, now is the ideal time to show light-as-air fabrics and soothing sorbet hues some love. Alaïa’s minty blue pick makes the ideal choice, as does Honayda’s soft pink pleated kaftan, which comes with edgy embellishment around the neckline. Love a little lace? Don’t miss Miguelina’s biscuit brown kaftan, or spotlight minimal accents with Yasmin Al Mulla’s beige number, dotted with delicate silver moons. Andrew Gn’s buttery yellow kaftan—complete with feather detailing—is another must-see for anyone who loves a little drama.
Honayda, AED 9,017
Vibrant kaftans for Ramadan get-togethers
There’s no denying the appeal of jewel tones, so why not pick a bold kaftan this season? Celebrate the Holy Month with your nearest and dearest in a light—yet impactful—creation like Halpern’s tangerine and pink color-blocked piece, or echo the beauty of paradise with an emerald green Oscar de la Renta. Pearla’s deep purple kaftan stands out for its innovate use of mustard accents, while SemSem‘s ombré kaftan, which runs from coral to midnight blue, gives a nod to the beauty of Ramadan sunsets.
Halpern, AED 11,656

Iftar-ready embellished kaftans
Every now and then, more really is more. For your next formal iftar gathering, why not celebrate the Holy Month with an embellished kaftan? Bthaina’s ivory and gold number paints a regal picture, while La Vie Style House caters to those who never shy away from a strong dose of sparkle. Prefer tried-and-tested hues? You can’t go wrong with Noor Al Bahrani’s subtly sequined black creation, or Selma Benomar’s grey kaftan, featuring intricately placed layers of tassels.
Selma Benomar, price on request
Printed kaftans that pack a punch
Say what you will, nothing beats the appeal of a printed kaftan. Fuss-free, yet fun, a patterned version of the staple is a wardrobe must-have. Play with florals via Dolce & Gabbana, Meng, and Richard Quinn, or champion exotic birds and butterflies with Tory Burch and Emilio Pucci’s designs respectively. Scroll through to see how Bambah plays up the classic white kaftan with geometric patterns, and Azzalia’s innovative new piece, which brings back everyone’s favorite paisley patterns.
Meng, AED 4,369
Below, all the kaftans you need to check out this month.
Alaïa, AED 10,976
Yasmin Al Mulla, AED 1,350
Tory Burch, AED 1,795
Pearla, price on request

Taller Marmo, AED 3,939
SemSem, AED 4,614

Richard Quinn, AED 10,810

Azzalia, price on request
Oscar de la Renta, AED 12,290
Noor Al Bahrani, AED 300
Miguelina, AED 2,833

La Vie Style House, AED 2,628

Fil De Vie, AED 2,421
Emilio Pucci, AED 8,581
Dries Van Noten, AED 1,663
Dolce & Gabbana, AED 19,759
D’ascoli, AED 1,249
Camilla, AED 2,676
Bthaina, AED 5,190
Bambah, AED 2,446

Andrew Gn, AED 13,935

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