This New Jewelry Collection Celebrates Artful Saudi Culture

This New Jewelry Collection Celebrates Artful Saudi Culture

Photo: Courtesy Ofa
Expanding her Ofa fine jewelry collection, Saudi jewelry designer Hala Abdullah has unveiled her latest launch to coincide with Saudi National Day. Named Foug, which means ‘above’, the collection pays homage to her Saudi heritage while seamlessly embracing contemporary aesthetics. The collection includes 12 pieces, featuring delicate necklaces adorned with intricate filigree patterns, and chic statement rings. The elegantly understated pieces use mesmerizing emeralds, dazzling diamonds, and mountain-sourced onyx stones, set in 18K gold. With a nod to the designer’s Saudi roots, the designs incorporate elements from the traditional fabric patterns woven by the Bedouin, and Islamic architectural designs.
Photo: Courtesy Ofa
Aiming to create authentic yet modern jewelry designs, Abdullah is inspired by her Saudi heritage, leading her to collaborate with her local community and craftspeople. Describing the launch as “vintage elegance with a modern twist”, Abdullah says she intends for Ofa to be known for its authentic jewelry, personalizable designs, and wearable pieces for every occasion, capturing the essence of modern Saudi culture. “I’ve always been so proud of my Saudi heritage and my Foug collection signifies and celebrates that feeling for me,” she says. Part of Abdullah’s mission includes working to ensure that every step of the production process adheres to strict ethical standards, from sourcing conflict-free gemstones to supporting local craftsmen, she says.
Photo: Courtesy Ofa
The former Vogue Arabia model has previously championed the aesthetics of traditional Saudi designs, featuring in the June 2023 issue of Vogue Arabia, adorned in the country’s vivid Al-Qatt Al-Asiri patterns. “I was once lucky enough to be featured in a Vogue Arabia beauty shoot,” she recalls. “One of the reasons why I love working with Vogue is their unwavering support for Saudi Arabia and its local artists and creatives like myself”.
Photo: Courtesy Ofa
The Foug collection is available at

Annah Bach Jewels Unveils Two Dazzling Collections of Fine Jewelry

Annah Bach Jewels Unveils Two Dazzling Collections of Fine Jewelry

Photo: Amer Mohamad
Annah Bach is a force to be reckoned with. An entrepreneur, award-winning film producer, avid fashion collector, and patron of the fine arts, the powerhouse has now ventured into the world of jewelry. Merging exceptional design with the finest of jewels has allowed Bach to present a fine jewelry collection that is distinct in its creativity and opulence. Each piece is meant to be an heirloom that the modern woman can pass down through the generations.
Photo: Amer Mohamad
The hand-crafted ranges within Bach’s jewelry line focus on bold femininity, limitless innovation, and uncompromising craftsmanship. The Iconic collection references the notion of iconic women from the past to the present through a philanthropic lens, while ‘Couture’ pays homage to the highest echelon of craftsmanship by incorporating diamonds and precious gemstones.
“Expressing my creative freedom is synonymous with endlessly re-creating myself. From the duality of nature to the complexity of modernity, the Annah Bach woman is a force of nature! Every new layer resonates with the sum of the whole, comprising me and my story,” says Bach.
Vogue Arabia sat down with the jewelry designer to discover more about Annah Bach Jewels.

Photo: Amer Mohamad
Who is the ultimate Annah Bach woman?
The ultimate Annah Bach woman is fearless, unapologetic and expresses her femininity dichotomies such as whimsical and intense, unapologetically feminine yet dashingly masculine, villain and hero alike. She is a force of nature, a phrase I have always been intrigued by as it indicates a certain provocateur and character that is indomitable. Primal, feral instincts and honoring nature’s order is my divinity, nothing else binds me or resonates so strongly. Another principle that guides the Annah Bach woman is modernity. From modeling, editorials, creative direction, production of short films, and curating an avid collection of fashion, jewelry, and high art, I’ve explored all creative mediums and outlets that speak to my desires, including design on a whim. As an avid fashion collector, I craft a narrative through my wardrobe, each detail adding another layer with the sum of the whole comprising me and my story. Fashion is a constant source of inspiration.
Photo: Amer Mohamad
Tell us more about the stones used in your collection. What makes them special?
The collection features a range of fancy-colored diamonds that inspired me due to their radiant dynamics. Like jewelry, fashion is dynamic and ever-changing, it is a vital part of how I express myself.

Photo: Amer Mohamad
What was the process of creating each piece in your collection? Did you start off with sketches? Or did you first source the stones and let them inspire your designs?
When diving into projects for the Annah Bach Brand it is about capturing timelessness. I approach each creative decision with this in mind – whether is producing a fashion film or designing fine jewelry, I create iconic pieces that leave an impression for years to come.
Which piece from your collection is your all-time favorite?
I love the 10-carat, pear-cut diamond ring that is encrusted with 143 pink and white small diamonds. The 10-carat, pink center stone symbolizes rarity, precious value, and uniqueness. It magically captures the hard yet delicate spirit that is inherent in Annah Bach brand.
Photo: Amer Mohamad
What inspired you to enter the world of fine jewelry? Was jewelry always a passion of yours?
Fashion has always been a passion of mine which is why I have been collecting fine arts and fashion for years now. To me, creating a fine jewelry line is yet another expression of the Annah Bach brand.
Photo: Amer Mohamad
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Kendra Scott’s Elisa Kicks Off a Multicollege Campus Tour

Kendra Scott’s Elisa Kicks Off a Multicollege Campus Tour

Kendra Scott has been one of the most called-out brands on RushTok for the last several college sorority recruitment seasons — earning itself a prime placement in countless outfit-of-the-day videos from prospective students and creating an impressive impact on the brand’s social media engagement.
In celebration of the ongoing love on social media coming from the Gen Z audience, Kendra Scott has announced its “Hey, Elisa! An Icon Goes on Tour” campaign aimed at further engaging with students on campus. The multicampus mobile pop-up tour will showcase the Elisa pendant necklace, one of the most popular pieces worn by college students on RushTok, during the first few weeks of the semester.

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To kick off the tour, Kendra Scott will mirror its loyal Gen Z followers with its own social media post — the brand’s first augmented reality video. The video, which can be seen on Instagram and TikTok, aims to build the excitement of the upcoming campus visits and features three Elisa pendant necklaces blown up to hang from the Scottish Rite dormitory at the University of Texas at Austin. The dorm is known for encouraging undergraduate college women to explore, grow and forge lifelong friendships.

Like the AR video, the formal tour is also a first for the brand, which Michelle Peterson, chief marketing officer at Kendra Scott, tells WWD is always looking for new ways to meet its customers where they are in innovative ways. During football season, which Peterson says has built similar organic response for the brand as students show off game day looks on social media, the brand’s stores in areas like College Station, Texas, and Gainesville, Florida, have celebrated the success with smaller-scale activations and custom window displays.

“At Kendra Scott, we’re always listening to our customers,” Peterson said. “We saw trends and reactions to our brand on social media, with our collegiate ambassadors (known as Kendra Scott Gems), and more specifically, we saw the Elisa style picking up traction organically. In short, we saw Gen Z wearing Elisa over and over again, and knew we needed to act.”

Notably, the Elisa pendant necklace, a style that originally launched in Kendra Scott’s spring 2014 collection as a scaled-down version of the Danielle and Elle silhouettes, has more than 300 possible colorways. Peterson tells WWD that while the style has been a bestseller from the beginning, this is the first marketing campaign specific to the Elisa silhouette.

Kendra Scott’s “Hey, Elisa!” tour has announced stops at six college campuses.

“When we think about our Gen Z customer and their love of self-expression, the Elisa is the embodiment that, offering over 300 colorways to choose from,” Peterson said. “Kendra Scott encourages personal style and expression, so there is something for everyone. You can stack and layer your favorite classics with your school colors or add on an engraved pendant that may spark an interesting conversation. The possibilities are endless, which really helped to position Kendra Scott as the destination for Gen Z — we’re all about self-expression and personalization, which we know is something this audience craves.”

During the tour, students will be invited to participate in an immersive experience, which brings the Elisa silhouette to life including a quiz to find out which Elisa best represents their style. While aligning with an Elisa style attendees will also be invited to enjoy complimentary custom iced beverages from local coffee shops inspired by the pendant’s colors and take selfies with interactive photo moments which include a custom-designed concave mirror in the shape of the Elisa silhouette and life-sized Elisa characters.

The first 250 students who participate in the quiz will receive “their” Elisa pendant necklace along with branded swag including reusable tote bags and straws, koozies and stickers. All swag has been customized for each location to coordinate with the city and school colors. Importantly, swag items were chosen intentionally after conversations with Kendra Scott Gems.

Additionally, Kendra Scott will be donating 250 pieces of jewelry to each campus’ professional closet to help students prepare for interviews and jobs, in an ongoing commitment to empowering women and youth.

“Philanthropy is a core pillar of the Kendra Scott brand,” Peterson said. “Doing good has been built into the brand’s business model from the very beginning, having donated over $50 million to local, national and international causes, with funds supporting women and youth in the areas of health and wellness, education and entrepreneurship, and empowerment. The donation of Kendra Scott jewelry to each campus’ local professional closet ties back to this commitment as a way to instill confidence in these young women as they prepare for the next phase of their lives post-graduation.”

Kendra Scott’s “Hey, Elisa!” tour has announced six stops at college campuses including the University of Texas in Austin (Aug. 23); Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Aug. 24); the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Aug. 29), and the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia (Aug. 31). More dates will be announced in the coming weeks.

Le Bon Marché Steps Up Personalization in Revamped Jewelry Space

Le Bon Marché Steps Up Personalization in Revamped Jewelry Space

PARIS — Le Bon Marché has unveiled its revamped and expanded jewelry space after a yearlong renovation.
Located on the ground floor and catty-corner to major luxury brands, the 3,200-square-foot space is now home to some 17 brands, ranging from French staples such as Gas Bijoux to new signatures like Spanish brand Simuero.

Simuero will be the first brand to inaugurate the new jewelry department’s central pop-up space, which is set under a circular gazebo that nods to Eiffel Tower-style metallic structures. There the brand will present its recycled-silver jewels handcrafted in the Mediterranean port city of Valencia.

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“This space will serve as a platform to capitalize on the already-emotional facet of jewelry,” said Le Bon Marché’s fashion jewelry buyer Joanne El Choueiri, with personalization taking pride of place among the offerings in the space.

These will range from a charms bar with Aurélie Bidermann, to permanent jewelry by Atelier VM and Vanrycke, which will also offer engraving services. French label Medaï will be on hand to personalize gold-plated and silver medals, also available in gemstones or lab-grown diamond options.

According to El Choueiri, this larger space, up from its previous 2,150-square-foot incarnation, stemmed from a desire to create a large jewelry section that would become a point of attraction but also offer a tighter curation that would reflect consumers’ taste and habits, including digital native brands that will find there their first and sometimes sole physical retail outpost.

“We leaned toward less brands but make them partners with whom we develop exclusive designs and services,” she said. Keeping the selection affordable — in sync with the current 200-euro average basket, with prices that hover under 100 euros on average, peaking around 2,000 euros for fine jewelry — was equally important.

“And we are aiming not to gender the space, although there is a strong female-oriented component at present, we will be giving space for brands that resonate more and more with a male audience.”

Inside the new dedicated jewelry space at Paris’ Le Bon Marché.

To match the conversation-starter angle of these designs, the fashion jewelry department was redesigned “to give a more direct rapport with the jewels, with the materials, and creating a face-to-face with the client,” said the department store’s new projects development manager Thierry Doré.

Surrounding the center podium will be curving low chests of drawers, also continued along the walls set with glass cabinets. A table designed by French modernist designer Jacques Adnet, previously in the men’s department, was dressed with a new leather desk pad, while a midcentury cabinet was brought in and revamped to fit its new destination.

That embodies another key idea Le Bon Marché is already sold on: being more sustainable in the way it conceives its spaces and furnishes them, which had already guided the renovation of the sneaker department in 2021 and the bag section in 2022.

First, more than 50 percent of existing materials have been reused in the new space, including some 2,000 square feet of hardwood flooring and 60 percent of the lighting. Then new materials include wood from sustainably managed forests and a reconstituted stone that can be broken apart and remade into fresh material, explained in-house interior designer Clara Blanchouin, who worked on the jewelry department with colleague Kevin Reynaud.

But that also means imagining how to take everything apart once the 10-year average duration for a set-up has passed, added Doré. To that end, mechanically assembled parts that avoid the use of glues, modular elements that can be customized and natural pigments were used.

“The day this space is old, elements are easier to dissociate, reused in parts but also discarded in cleaner ways if necessary,” he said.

6 Mid-Priced Jewelry Brands That Stylish Celebrities Love

6 Mid-Priced Jewelry Brands That Stylish Celebrities Love

The jewelry celebrities wear on the red carpet is often so eye-wateringly expensive it comes with its own security team and complicated insurance documents. However not all A-list-endorsed jewelry requires a fleet of bodyguards. Plenty of off-duty stars lean on emerging jewelry brands with far more accessible price points. The AED 900 to AED 1,300 bracket tends to be a sweet spot in the contemporary jewelry world – more accessible than fine jewelry, and with more longevity than high street or costume jewelry offerings.
Established brands in this sector include the likes of Mejuri and Missoma, but lots of emerging makers are attracting the attention of celebrity stylists right now. London-based CompletedWorks is one of the brands Vogue editors spend their money on (its signature Scrunchie earrings are also loved by the likes of Jodie Comer and Adwoa Aboah). Just this week, Ashley Graham added some CompletedWorks sparkle to a Magda Butrym rose mini dress.
Keep reading to discover which hoop earrings Hailey Bieber is wearing this summer, and the statement drops Katie Holmes has added to her jewellery collection.

By Pariah
Katie Holmes wearing the By Pariah large gold drop earrings. Photo: Getty
London-based jewelry brand By Pariah’s prices vary, with topaz, marble, and diamond pieces that are over £1,000. However, it has a core collection of gold pieces around the £300 mark. The large gold drop earrings (which Katie Holmes has been wearing this summer) are among its most popular styles.
Nicola Coughlan wore gold statement earrings by Ysso with her white strappy dress to Wimbledon in 2023. Photo: Getty
Next up is Ysso, which was founded by mother-and-daughter duo Alexia and Stalo Karides, who create bold, sculptural shapes inspired by the rich history and landscapes of Greece. Hailey Bieber is a fan of its gold earrings, while Nicola Coughlan wore a statement pair to Wimbledon this summer.
Brinker + Eliza
Hailey Bieber wore Brinker and Eliza gold hoop earrings with her jorts this summer. Photo:
Hailey Bieber probably owns as many pairs of statement gold earrings as she does jorts and vintage leather jackets, and this summer one of her favorite pairs has been the “Collins” hoops by Brinker + Eliza. This is another brand founded by a mother-daughter duo and is loved for its playful (and often colorful) charms and nostalgic chunky chains. The costume designers who worked on the Gossip Girl reboot also turned to the brand for Julien Calloway.
The Princess of Wales wears Shyla drop earrings to Wimbledon. Photo: Getty
The Princess of Wales might have access to literal vaults of precious diamonds and tiaras, but as with the rest of her wardrobe, she is careful to balance high and low in her jewelry collection, mixing shoulder-grazing Zara earrings with her priceless heirlooms. This summer, Kate has been wearing a pair of knotted gold earrings with a delicate pearl drop by the contemporary London-based label Shyla.
Photo: Ariana Grande wears pearl hoop earrings by Mejuri to Wimbledon. Photo: Getty
Mejuri is the everyday fine jewelry brand beloved by everyone from Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish to Emily Ratajkowski and the Princess of Wales. It is known for its fine jewelry basics, such as micro-pavé diamond signet rings and gold hoop earrings – Ariana Grande wore the pearl-adorned hoop earrings with an elegant grey outfit to the Wimbledon final in 2023.
Ashley Graham wears CompletedWorks hoop earrings. Photo:
CompletedWorks first started garnering attention with its gold Scrunchie earrings, worn by the likes of Adwoa Aboah, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Jodie Comer. It has now expanded its offering to include statement crystal cuffs, sparkling hoops, and pearl rings contorted into the shape of a bow. “I think there is a type of woman who is interested in how jewelry can express how she is thinking,” brand founder Anna Jewsbury previously told British Vogue, of her label’s playful approach.
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25 Summer-Ready Jewelry Pieces That Are Perfect for Poolside Getaways

25 Summer-Ready Jewelry Pieces That Are Perfect for Poolside Getaways

Photo: Courtesy Bymystique Fine Jewelry
There’s no quicker way to give your wardrobe a summery spruce up than with a handful of colorful jewelry pieces. Below, Vogue Arabia takes you through all the different types of jewelry worth checking out for lazy days by the pool and evenings at the beach.

Flower power
Confetti hoops, La Double J
Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like cheery florals. Why not add some blooms to your stash via La Double J’s confetti hoop earrings, or Simone Rocha’s daisy-detailed ear grazers? Keeping with the theme of nature, you can also add Yvonne Leon’s palm-tree pendant to your list of must-haves for the season.
Under the sea
14-karat gold, mother-of-pearl and diamond anklet, Sydney Evan. AED 4,479
In case you missed the memos, 2023 is all about the mermaid life. Channel your inner Ariel with  Sydney Evan’s conch shell-detailed anklet in white and gold, or add a string of gilded starfish to your wrist via Kate Spade. Hoping to glisten like a sea creature in the sun? Deck yourself out in Benedetta Bruzziches’s crystal-studded bodychain to make sure all eyes are on you.
Bead it up
New Patchwork set of 12 beaded bracelets, Roxanne Assoulin. AED 336
Colorful beads are always a win if you’re looking to add a more playful, boho vibe to your look this summer. Look to Roxanne Assoulin’s perfectly curated bracelet stacks for some immediate drama, or pair your favorite beachside dress with Oscar de la Renta’s pop pink tasseled earrings. Marie Lichtenberg’s deep blue layered necklace, and Roxanne First’s ‘Be Cool’ number deserve a shoutout as well.
Molten gold
Sunburst Eye Medallion bracelet, ByMystique Fine Jewelry. AED 1,150
Can’t get enough of the beauty of the setting sun against a calm sea? Add the same glistening charm to your beachside look with intense metallics. We love ByMystique Fine Jewelry’s sunburst eye medallion bracelet, along with Fernando Jorge’s artfully sculpted Flame earrings. For your next sundowner, however, all you need is Paco Rabanne’s ombré chainmail earrings, which beautifully transition from silver to fiery red.

Rainbow hues
Copacabana gold-plated cubic zirconia earrings, Crystal Haze Jewelry. AED 1,095
When you can’t pick a color, it may just be time to wear them all. Be your own rainbow in the sun this summer with a not-so-basic rainbow tennis bracelet from Amina Muaddi, or indulge in a hand panja dotted with colorful crystals from Damas. If statement earrings are more your thing, you can’t miss out on Crystal Haze Jewelry’s multi-hued Copacabana swingers.

Baroque pearls
Devora gold-tone pearl earrings, Cult Gaia. AED 948
We couldn’t possibly close a summer jewelry edit without a look at the season’s all-time favorite staple: baroque earrings. Look to Cult Gaia’s pearl-studded hoops for summer celebrations, or go subtle in Missoma’s mismatched pearl danglers. You can always give the elegant gemstone a cheeky upgrade by mixing it up with some vibrant beads — cue Charms Company’s pop pink anklet, perfect for your next beach run.
More summer-ready jewelry to check out this season
9 and 18-karat gold multi-stone necklace, Yvonne Leon. AED 7,761
Gold-plated crystal hoop earrings, Pearl Octopussy. AED 1,198
Sea star bracelet, Kate Spade. AED 775
Baby Vine 9-karat gold, silver, enamel and amethyst ring, Bea Bongiasca. AED 1,775
That’s Hot gold-plated crystal and enamel necklace, Martha Calvo. AED 578
Molten baroque pearl mismatch earrings in 18kt recycled gold-plated brass, Missoma. AED 675
18-karat gold, lapis lazuli and diamond necklace, L’atelier Nawbar. AED 4,128
Silver-tone crystal tennis anklet, Amina Muaddi. AED 1,775
Aura silver-tone crystal body chain, Benedetta Bruzziches. AED 4,860
Flame Mini 18-karat gold earrings, Fernando Jorge. AED 13,845
Be Cool necklace in blue Peruvian opal beads, Roxanne First. AED 900
Gold-tone beaded clip earrings, Oscar de la Renta. AED 1,400
Farfasha sunkiss garden hand panja in 18kt yellow gold, Damas. AED 3,595
Coco 14-karat gold diamond necklace, Marie Lichtenberg. AED 8,530
Pixel Double FL chainmail earrings, Paco Rabanne. AED 1,276
Enameled eye hexagon beaded bracelet in 14kt yellow gold, Luis Morais. AED 2,050
Tiered Daisy gold-tone crystal earrings, Simone Rocha. AED 1,568

Gold necklace with medals, Rabanne. AED 2,109
Les Bonbons gold, pearl and bead anklet, Charms Company. AED 2,562

Princess Lalla Oumaima and Miryam Labiad’s Collaborative Jewelry Line Celebrates Women, and the Rich Aesthetics of Morocco

Princess Lalla Oumaima and Miryam Labiad’s Collaborative Jewelry Line Celebrates Women, and the Rich Aesthetics of Morocco

Diamond-studded cuffs
Mysterious, dreamy, luminous… these words can just as easily describe the moon as they can a beautiful woman. And it’s these intertwining threads that have inspired a unique new collection of jewelry by the House of Ashaha and Mimia LeBlanc.
Named Ayyur—which translates to ‘the moon’ in Berber language—the birth of this capsule jewelry collection was written in the stars. When Miryam Labiad, founder and creative director of Mimia LeBlanc met Morocco’s Princess Lalla Oumaima, daughter of Her Royal Highness Lalla Hasnaa, the duo immediately knew that they could create magic together. Bonding over their Moroccan origins, and their love for vintage beauty and architecture, the women set about creating a jewelry line that would eventually launch on International Women’s Day as a gift to women everywhere.
Necklaces come with metal or cord chains
An ode to fertility, and to the duality of traditions and modernity that resides in every woman, Ayyur sees the marriage of two distinct aesthetics, with an unmistakable Moroccan twist. Geometric lines from Ashaha add a contemporary flavor to the mix, while Mimia LeBlanc’s precious stones add a luxe touch. The result? A series of must-haves that are as sturdy as they are sophisticated. While a combination of white, yellow and brown diamonds catch the eye, yellow gold and black rhodium bring in contrast.
Delicate earrings for special occasions
Look closely and you’ll find yourself falling in love with the finer details. While the bejeweled cuff finds itself carved with mischievous little stars, the spectrum of diamonds in use recreate the magic of the tides in a play of light and shadow. Delicate shoulder-grazing earrings echo the sensitivity of women, while chunky pendants serve as a reminder of their strength. The perfect gift? You bet.
Below, take a closer look at House of Ashaha and Mimia LeBlanc’s collaborative Ayyur jewelry collection.

Chaumet Embellishes Tennis Star Yara Alhogbani With its Most Infamous Creations

Chaumet Embellishes Tennis Star Yara Alhogbani With its Most Infamous Creations

Jeux de Liens earrings in rose gold, set with brilliant-cut diamonds, (right hand) Liens Évidence rings in white and pink gold set and paved with brilliant-cut diamonds, (left hand middle ring) Jeux de Liens in white gold, set with brilliant-cut diamonds and sapphires, (left hand index ring) Liens Evidence in white gold, paved with brilliant-cut diamonds, Chaumet; top, Hervé Léger. Photo: Sandra Chidiac
Known for having a history of elegance and extravagance — from Marie Antoinette to Versailles — France has an abundant past that intimately entwines with the House of Chaumet. Since the Parisian jeweler first graced the epicentre of luxury at Place Vendôme over two centuries ago, it has paved the route for creativity and excellence.
From rings inspired by love and commitment, to tiaras inspired by the French empress Joséphine, Chaumet knows the art of making beautiful keepsakes. And this month, the jewelry house sees its pieces adorning none other than revolutionary Saudi tennis star Yara Alhogbani for Vogue Arabia. Swept up in the motion of Chaumet, the ground-breaking 18-year-old athlete paints a fearless picture in one frame after another.
Joséphine Duo Eternel earrings in white gold, set with brilliant-cut diamonds, Joséphine Aigrette necklace in white gold, set with a pear-shaped diamond of 1.50ct and brilliant-cut diamond, Chaumet; top, Wolford. Photo: Sandra Chidiac
Yara is a modern empress when illuminated in the Joséphine Collection. Echoing the house’s first VIP client, Empress Joséphine from Paris’s Napoleonic history, this collection is a vision of ultra-femininity and sophistication. Spotlighting the brand’s iconic logo, Alhogbani finds herself perfectly embellished by a pear-cut diamond headpiece, and it’s safe to say that the Joséphine Aigrette head ornament in white gold is fit for a modern princess. Paved in diamonds and complemented by the Joséphine Aigrette Impériale 2ct diamond ring, this look is one that will be remembered. Speaking of otherworldly pieces, the Joséphine Aigrette watch defies the laws of gravity; without a buckle or clasp in sight, the unique pear-shaped creation decorates Yara’s wrist.
In tennis, love often signifies nil points. But within the world of Chaumet, it conveys the bond of the Liens Collection. The collection symbolizes the unity of two people in love, and Chaumet pulls lovers’ destinies closer using a thread adorned with diamonds. The Liens Évidence rings in white and rose gold stacked together pave Yara Alhogbani’s finger with brilliant-cut diamonds. The Jeux de Liens ring proposes a lively palette of sparkle and light. Laced with radiant diamonds and square-cut sapphires, the ring crafted for daily wear pays homage to  the Maison’s signature blue color. And then there’s the Jeux de Liens Harmony pendant, which stacks around Alhogbani, embellished in diamonds and finished in rose gold.
Bee My Love hoop earrings in rose gold, set with brilliant-cut diamonds, Bee My Love necklace in rose gold, set with 11 Taille Impératrice of 0.23ct each, Bee My Love paved diamond bracelets in yellow and rose gold, Bee My Love paved diamond rings in rose and white gold, Chaumet; jacket, Rejina Pyo;top, Theory; trousers, Hudson Jeans. Photo: Sandra Chidiac
The love of Liens continues with the Bee My Love Collection, inspired by the honeycomb of a beehive. This geometric and timeless collection is radiant and bright. Designed to be both dazzling alone or perfectly combined with other pieces, the best of the lot illuminate Alhogbani in a novel way as the Bee My Love paved yellow and rose gold diamond bracelets and Bee My Love paved diamond rings deck her hands. Yara reinterprets a golden honeycomb in these geometric creations, which alternate perfectly between cut diamonds that resemble crystallized drops of honey, pollinating truly delicious creations.
Whether inspired by the beauty of nature, the bond of love, or the elegance of an empress, Chaumet encaptures the world around us and wraps it up in a sparkling bow. The jewelry house’s radiant creations are interpretations of the past and visions of the future, much like Yara Alhogbani, who remains classic and inspiring, both in her field and outside of it. Here is a young woman who is a ground-breaking force and a revolutionary vision of the future of Saudi Arabia; she is a modern empress with a bold vision and remains a diamond of the region, just like the Chaumet creations she represents.
Joséphine Aigrette head ornament in white gold, set with a pear-cut diamond and paved with brilliant-cut diamonds, Joséphine Aigrette Impériale ring in platinum, set with diamonds, with a pear-shaped diamond of 2ct, Chaumet; top, 1017 ALYX 9SM; crossbody top, Zimmermann from The Outnet. Photo: Sandra Chidiac
Joséphine Aigrette diamond rings in white and rose gold, set with Akoya cultured pearls and brilliant-cut diamonds, Joséphine Aigrette watch in rose gold set with diamonds, Chaumet; coat, Loro Piana. Photo: Sandra Chidiac
Jeux de Liens earrings in rose gold, set with brilliant-cut diamonds, first necklace, Liens Evidence Pendant in rose gold, set with brilliant-cut diamonds, middle necklace, Jeux de Liens Harmony medium model pendant in rose gold and mother-of-pearl, set with brilliant-cut diamonds, last necklace, Jeux de Liens Harmony large model pendant in rose gold, set with malachite and brilliant-cut diamonds, Chaumet; jacket, Brunello Cucinelli Photo: Sandra Chidiac
Photography: Sandra ChidiacStyle: Sarah RuxtonProducer: Rama NaserMakeup: Kasia DomanskaHair: Betty BeeTalent: Yara Alhogbani 

EXCLUSIVE: Bulgari’s New North America President Unveils Growth Strategy

EXCLUSIVE: Bulgari’s New North America President Unveils Growth Strategy

Bulgari’s North America division has been under the tutelage of president Hervé Perrot for six months — and the executive is off to a running start.
In his first interview since moving to New York to lead Bulgari’s strategic growth in what is the world’s largest luxury market, Perrot outlined an initial blueprint for how the jeweler will take new market share and grow awareness among consumers.

Bulgari parent company LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton feels that the brand has not realized its potential in the U.S. and has begun making significant investments in Bulgari North America — including the division’s most expensive store renovation to date.

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“In America we have to accelerate our development and in order to do that the group and brand is making a significant investment and commitment to support our growth,” Perrot said.

The first item on that agenda is to increase Bulgari’s presence on the West Coast, which kicks off this month with a Los Angeles pop-up dedicated to the brand’s Serpenti collection.

Perrot joined Bulgari in September from Christian Dior, where he led the brand’s business in China for more than six years. He succeeded Daniel Paltridge in the position, who has since moved on to lead Valentino in North America. Perrot, who ran Dior in Japan for seven years before transferring to China, now reports directly to Bulgari’s executive vice president for sales and retail, Lelio Gavazza.

Perrot has spent the last six months visiting Bulgari’s stores and key markets across the U.S. and Canada to cultivate a 360-degree view on how to best move the business forward.

When asked what he observed as needing the most improvement, Perrot said: “The Bulgari team did a very good job over the past few years developing brand recognition, but that said we are still a smaller player [in the U.S.] compared to some major brands in the field of jewelry. The question is, ‘How can we accelerate?’ and the answer is that we have to understand the many fundamental strengths we have that makes our brand strong in this country.”

Bulgari’s Los Angeles Serpenti pop-up shop.


In the coming years that means hitting a delicate balance between store renovations, buzzy marketing events, developing new markets in emerging U.S. and Canadian cities and placing a strong focus on high jewelry clienteling.

“The image of this brand is quite unique and very relevant for American customers because our Italian origin resonates very well with Americans. The history of the brand is quite strong and quite well-known,” Perrot said.

This will be the basis of Bulgari’s high jewelry push in North America. “High end is what generates sales long-term,” Perrot said. “I cannot share specific figures but our share of business for high jewelry in Bulgari North America is extremely high. The brand is recognized as an exceptional brand for high-end jewelry and exceptional craftsmanship with aesthetics that resonate with what American customers are looking for. This is one of our key strengths as we develop even faster.”

And Perrot has a secret weapon to make sure this is put into action. “Our creative director Lucia Silvestri spends a lot of time with us here and she is very interested in meeting with clients and understanding what’s happening in the market. From the creative side, we will have a lot of attention in the market,” he said, adding that Silvestri is also available for custom commissions.

Perrot joined Bulgari and moved to the U.S. after residing in China during the country’s strict zero-COVID-19 policy. The executive, who was raised in Senegal, said he experienced culture shock upon arriving in the U.S., where mask restrictions had already been lifted. “People in the U.S. have learned how to live with COVID-19. It’s quite interesting because it’s what China is going through now. It was quite a surprise,” he said.

“The interesting story is that my three kids live and work in New York so when I came here at the end of August, I had not seen them in almost three years because China was closed — so it was kind of a family reunion,” he added.

Through his cross-country travels, Perrot has targeted the West Coast as a first significant order of business.

“The West Coast is clearly an area of the country with a specific clientele that is very open to fashion trends and there is a very strong concentration of international clientele, which is very interesting for Bulgari,” he said.

Earlier this month, the brand opened a 2,000-square-foot pop-up shop to mark the 75th anniversary of its Serpenti collection. Located at 431 North Rodeo Drive, the shop offers an immersive visual experience relating to all things Serpenti — a collection that Perrot said has a lengthy waiting list due to unexpected consumer demand. The pop-up remains open until April 16.

In September, Bulgari will open a new location in Topanga, California’s Westfield mall and in the fourth quarter, it will open another unit in Costa Mesa’s South Coast Plaza.

The brand is not stopping there. Bulgari’s Rodeo Drive flagship store will undergo a significant renovation that Perrot said is “probably the biggest project the brand has ever done in terms of investment in North America.” The Peter Marino-designed store will begin construction late this year.

Around that same time, the space used this month as a Serpenti pop-up location will transition and become Bulgari’s temporary Beverly Hills flagship to service clients throughout the renovation. Bulgari’s Los Angeles flagship renovation is targeted for reopening in 2025.

Bulgari’s Los Angeles Serpenti pop-up shop.


This all lays the groundwork for the forthcoming Los Angeles Bulgari Hotel — which is expected to open in 2026, only a year after the hotel brand’s first U.S. location, which is set to open in Miami in 2025.

As the Los Angeles Serpenti pop-up shop demonstrates, Bulgari is intent on opening or refining stores in highly targeted locations.

“We don’t have so many stores in North America. We have 22 stores when most of our competitors have 40 or 50 stores so we are extremely selective, which is a fantastic strength. We want to keep this but what we can do better in some cases is make sure that the stores represent the latest image of the brand. We are planning store renovations in some cases so they are fit to give the best service to clients possible,” Perrot said.

He has also targeted markets including Dallas, Miami and Toronto as “key business areas….I’m impressed by the quality of distribution there,” Perrot said.

New York will continue to be a key focus for Bulgari’s growth as well. In June it will host Perrot’s first important marketing initiative, an immersive exhibit and large-scale opening event to toast the Serpenti anniversary with an art-inspired experience. It will be open to the public throughout the summer.

“We are planning a major exhibition in New York this June on Serpenti, our most iconic product. Every year going forward we will make a major statement like this — a bit of a disruption event to educate and communicate around the brand,” Perrot said.

Objet Du Jour: Princess Diana’s Purple Diamond Cross Up for Auction at Sotheby’s London

Objet Du Jour: Princess Diana’s Purple Diamond Cross Up for Auction at Sotheby’s London

LONDON — A purple diamond cross worn by the late Diana, Princess of Wales is the highlight object of Sotheby’s annual Royal and Noble sale that runs Jan. 6 to 18.
The Attallah cross is named after the former group chief executive of Asprey & Garrard, the late Naim Attallah, who owned the piece of jewelry, which has since been passed onto his daughter Ramsay.

“Princess Diana and my father were friends and I remember that she often came to see him at the historic Garrard store on Regent Street, where his office was, and she would ask to borrow the pendant on several occasions — she really loved the piece,” Attallah said.

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The cross is made up of distinct flower designs at the end of each side. The pendant was created by court jewelers Garrard in the 1920s.

Diana, Princess of Wales, wearing a long purple Catherine Walker evening gown, attends a charity evening on behalf of Birthright.

Getty Images

The princess famously wore the Attallah cross in October 1987 to a Birthright gala, a charity that works toward the protection of human rights during pregnancy and childbirth. Diana wore a purple Catherine Walker gown that resembled Tudor court dressing.

The cross is estimated to reach 80,000 to 120,000 pounds. The pendant was acquired by Attallah in the 1980s and he would often loan it to the princess to wear over the years. 

The cross was only ever worn by the princess publicly and following her death it had not been put on display until now.

The cross has a total diamond weight of approximately 5.25 carats and measures at 136 x 95mm.

“Jewelry owned or worn by the late Princess Diana very rarely comes on to the market, especially a piece such as the Attallah cross, which is so colorful, bold and distinctive. To some extent, this unusual pendant is symbolic of the Princess’s growing self-assurance in her sartorial and jewelry choices, at that particular moment in her life,” said Kristian Spofforth, head of jewelry at Sotheby’s London.

Diana, Princess of Wales wearing a Jacques Azagury dress, shoes By Jimmy Choo and the Swan Lake necklace from Garrard. (Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

Tim Graham Photo Library via Get

“We are confident that this unique 1920s piece of jewelry by Garrard, with such an exceptional provenance and only ever worn by the Princess herself, will attract the attention of a wide variety of bidders, including royal and noble jewelry collectors, as well as fans of the Princess keen to share part of her history,” added Spofforth.

Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring was selected from Garrard in 1981 and in her last public appearance she wore the Swan Lake necklace, which she collaborated with the brand to create.

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