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You Will Want to Treasure These Jacob & Co. Jewelry Pieces and Watches Forever

You Will Want to Treasure These Jacob & Co. Jewelry Pieces and Watches Forever

Photo: Courtesy of Jacob & Co.
Captivating the world of jewelry and watchmaking for more than 30 years, Jacob & Co. continues to demonstrate exquisite craftsmanship with every new collection. Starting off exclusively in high jewelry, the New York-based brand has built an empire that thrives on innovative design. The brand is known for its collaboration with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry like Virgil Abloh, brands like Supreme and Bugatti, as well as professional footballer Leon Messi. Jacob & Co. is also one of the few luxury brands that creates a special line of jewelry for Ramadan.

For its latest collection, Jacob & Co. offers timepieces meticulously set with gems. Mastering the flying tourbillon mechanism, the Caviar Flying Tourbillon Collection combines high jewelry design with sophisticated watchmaking. The timepieces feature dials set with gemstones, the vibrant colors behind each case inspired by the rich translucence of caviar. The Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Arlequino also features gem-setting artistry and high horology, while the Brilliant Deco is an elegant watch in 18ct gold and diamonds.

Capturing the essence of nature, the Papillon Collection blends the elegance of butterflies with an array of stones in the form of earrings. They dazzle with green topaz, tangerine citrine, and white diamonds. Emulating the deep greenery of nature, the Colombian emerald sapphire diamond ring coupled with emerald and diamond drop earrings create a breathtaking ensemble. Inspired by coastal villages in the South of France, the yellow diamond Riviera necklace and ring sparkle with brilliant-cut white diamonds set in 18ct yellow gold. Featuring more than 100ct of morganite, a stone symbolic of “divine love,” Jacob and Co.’s Morganite earrings are designed for every romantic.
Jacob & Co. jewelry and watches are available at the brand’s boutique at The Dubai Mall and on Ounass.com
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