Your Guide to Achieving Effortless Elegance This Summer

Your Guide to Achieving Effortless Elegance This Summer

You know the summer season is here when nothing is safe from melting, and you play an exciting new game of ‘the steering wheel is lava’ every time you leave for work. While there are some things about the ongoing months that hype us up to no end, the most underrated part of the experience is the opportunity to dress the part, with stunning clothes and playful accessories.

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So, if your plan is to make the most of the season, say hello to these breezy, effortlessly chic outfits and accessories we’ve rounded up for you to beat the sweltering heat in. From grey-blue Dior chiffon maxis that’ll flutter in the desert breeze to darkly romantic monochrome ruffles and emblematic Stella McCartney oceanic prints leading this summer head on, it’s time for you to channel your inner beach lover and walk your own little runway in these gorgeous pieces.
Film: Klaudia Zdanowicz Photography: Greg Adamski Style: Claire Carruthers Hair: Deena Alawaid Makeup: Ania Poniatowska at MMG Models: Joy Costa, Sara Riak, Thais Martins Junior fashion editor: Mohammad RezqCreative producer: Laura Prior 
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