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This Brand New Fenty Collaboration Confuses Lipgloss with… Ketchup

This Brand New Fenty Collaboration Confuses Lipgloss with… Ketchup

Fenty Beauty’s latest launch is…ketchup? In an April Fool’s reminiscent release, the Rihanna-founded beauty brand has just dropped a collaboration with MSCHF, inspired by tomato ketchup. The MSCHF x Fenty Beauty Ketchup Or Makeup set presents six identical sachets, styled like individual sauce packages. Some contain ketchup, the others are filled with Fenty beauty’s best selling Gloss Bomb lip gloss in a cherry hue.
Retailing for US$25, the collector’s item is available at a New York hotdog stand pop-up, or online at KetchupOrMakeup.com. Reactions online have been mixed, with some Fenty fans agog at the surprise launch, while other social media commenters are confused by the left field collaboration.
Unfamiliar with MSCHF? The art collective specializes in off-kilter collabs – some real, some imaginary – with unexpected celebrities and brand names, creating sometimes bizarre pairings. MSCHF has previously released the Lil Nas x Nikes, Jimmy Fallon’s Gobstomper sneakers, mocked up Birkenstock sandals produced from a disassembled Hermes Birkin, and produced the headline grabbing Eat the Rich ice cream truck.

The New Brands Available at Ulta Beauty in 2022 So Far

The New Brands Available at Ulta Beauty in 2022 So Far

Some of the most popular beauty brands will soon be or are already available to shop at Ulta Beauty.The last year has marked a major one for the beauty store chain, which announced last summer it has teamed up with Target to open its own stores inside 100 Target stores.
Additionally, major beauty brands such as Chanel Beauty and Fenty Beauty, among others, have announced in the last few months that their popular products will also be available at the beauty chain.
Here, WWD breaks down some of the new labels that are now or will soon be available at Ulta Beauty. Scroll on for more.
Chanel Beauty

The prestige beauty label shocked consumers when it was revealed on Jan. 5 that its products are now available at Ulta Beauty. Some of the products include a clean line derived from natural ingredients and sustainable packaging, as well as a few of the brand’s other popular products such as its lipstick or water-fresh tint.

Fenty Beauty

In February, it was announced on Rihanna’s official Instagram account that her popular line Fenty Beauty will soon be available to shop at Ulta Beauty starting March 6. The brand’s account also announced the news on its own page.

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“Bout to be in my ULTA bag!!” the singer-entrepreneur’s caption read. “Dats right, I can finally confirm that @fentybeauty is officially joining the @ultabeauty fam!! March 6th.”
Hero Cosmetics

In February, the label revealed that its products will be at Ulta Beauty starting Feb. 14, including some of its most popular ones such as the Mighty Patch and Force Shield Superlight Sunscreen, among others.
“I am thrilled to expand our relationship with Ulta Beauty, cementing our position as the leading functional skin solutions brand with the premier beauty retailer in the U.S.,” Ju Rhyu, the cofounder and chief executive officer of Hero, said in a statement.

BeautyStat initially started as a blog and social media site that reviewed different beauty products before launching its own line. Created by Ron Robinson, a cosmetic chemist, the line has been featured on multiple outlets, with its Universal C Skin Refiner one of its best-selling products.
Last month, it was revealed BeautyStat will be going into 260 Ulta Beauty doors and online, with a deluxe trial size of its top product, the Universal C Skin Refiner, in all doors.

The clean beauty line, which is aimed specifically at Gen Z, offers nontoxic products focused on sustainability, down to its packaging. Created by April Hardwick and Mark Veeder, who was also behind the award-winning natural skin care brand Farmacy, Sk*p will reportedly soon be available at 100 Ulta Beauty stores starting this spring. No specific date has yet been announced.

The popular, cult-favorite haircare brand arrived in Ulta Beauty stores shortly after the New Year. Olaplex has been around for a while now, and though users acknowledge its popularity and reviews since YouTubers loved the brand in 2016, it seems its products’ demand is surging with a second life on TikTok.

The skincare brand, which carries plenty of SPF and sunscreen products, arrived in Ulta stores in February. Supergoop’s most popular items, such as the Matte Sunscreen, Glow Stick, Play, Sheer Screen and Unseen Sunscreen, among others, are now available at Ulta Beauty.
Rosen Skincare

The skincare line arrived at Ulta stores in February, with their products such as the Tropics Moisturizer, Tropics Toner and Break-Out, among others, now available to shop. Rosen was founded by Jamika Martin and focuses on skincare concentrating on mass acne care.

The award-winning singer’s first-ever fragrance, which she launched last fall and also happens to be cruelty-free and vegan, landed in Ulta stores and online in January. In a world of celebrity endorsements and cosmetics lines, Eilish told WWD she chose fragrance because of her specific relationship with scent. “It’s involved in every ounce of my life, and in everything I do,” she said.
Check this article for further updates as brands enter Ulta Beauty.
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