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The Top Trends for Men This Fall

The Top Trends for Men This Fall

Needless to say, the fall 2021 runway season has been a weird one.
Not only because the shows have been digital and we’ve sat in our homes watching them online, but also because designers presented a comprehensive juxtaposition of wearable clothes and high concept ideas. The biggest trends sprung from the idea of creating the perfect suit for right now. The results were baggie and comfortable designs reminiscent of the nineties slouchy style.
The idea of making outerwear a fall trend sounds ridiculously obvious, but this season’s statement-making coats were at the forefront more than ever.
The same applies to the array of knits shown this season, from turtlenecks and large textured cardigans to extra, extra long crewnecks. The long johns at Prada signaled that the concept of underwear as something intimate-only is out the window.

Dior brought back pomp and circumstance with his the military uniform universe, while Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton played with all American references, resulting in some great varsity jackets.
All that said, an underlying sense of optimism was the key message, and the use of bright colors was a clear signal that fashion is feeling hopeful — and so are we. Here are the top trends of the fall season.
After nearly a year of turning the living room into a boardroom, designers are channeling the work from home routine into the perfect blend of coziness and function. The result is a suit that works as well in a Zoom world as it does in real life.

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Ermenegildo Zegna Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Ermenegildo Zegna

Kolor Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Kolor

Y/Project Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Y/Project

This season’s stars range from textured graphic numbers and dressing gown styles to inside out designs and over the top, evening-inspired, unisex top coats, all of which guarantee to grab attention.
Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Casablanca Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Casablanca

GmbH Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of GmbH

Jonathan Anderson’s conceptual “knit over knit” design at Loewe is a clear example of the cozy to the max mood that’s injecting new life into this men’s wear staple.
Loewe Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Loewe

Etudes Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Etudes

Dries Van Noten Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Dries Van Noten

A clear result of the times we are living in is the idea of wearing underwear as a statement fashion piece, like the long johns at Prada or the classic tighty whities on the opening look at Rick Owens. The trend speaks to the intimate-at-home vibe that permeated the season.
Prada Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Prada

ERL Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of ERL

Rick Owens Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Rick Owens

The use of bright blues and greens — as well as a good amount of red — packed a punch of positive vibes, telegraphing an optimistic message for the future.
JW Anderson Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of JW Anderson

Phipps Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Phipps

Casablanca Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Casablanca

Whether it’s a classic collegiate varsity jacket at Louis Vuitton or the preppy-inspired reworkings of a knit vest at Y/Project, these heritage pieces redefined the All-American classics trend.
Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall 2021  Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

Y/Project Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Y/Project

Reese Cooper Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Reese Cooper

At Dior, the pillar of men’s wear — suits — received the royal treatment by using the dress code from the inductees into the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Meanwhile, a traditional admiral’s naval coat at Wales Bonner exuded a retro vintage vibe ideal for Gen Z and beyond.
Dior Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Dior

Wales Bonner Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of Wales Bonner

JW Anderson Men’s Fall 2021  Courtesy of JW Anderson

Keeping Beauty Real for Guys This Fall

Keeping Beauty Real for Guys This Fall

A celebration of individuality reverberated from the recent Paris and Milan’s men’s ready-to-wear virtual presentations for fall 2021, for which makeup artists and hairstylists generally opted to enhance each model’s own personal beauty — rather than shoehorn them into a single look.
Dior’s creative and image director for makeup Peter Philips kept things unfussy.
“It’s a very natural look, with beautiful skin,” he said before shooting the fashion collection’s video. “There are nice hydrated lips and a little bit on the eyebrows. There’s no conceptual makeup.”
Similarly, hairstylists respected each texture, delivering an array of different looks, as seen at houses including Ermenegildo Zegna and Fendi in Milan. Such a freedom of self-expression often resulted in longer coifs, like the various bobs noted at Prada, MSGM and Etro, among others.

“The look took inspiration from the desire of freedom and travel, but at the same time, it was intended to enhance the individuality and uniqueness of each person,” said Davide Diodovich at Etro. In particular, he referenced mullets because “it’s a very fluid and unisex cut.”

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“Respecting the individuality of each model, this style was customized according to each hair texture,” he said.
In Paris, individual beauty was also featured at Homme Plissé Issey Miyake, Isabel Marant, Dries Van Noten and Officine Generale.
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Five Looks That Embodied Dior Fall ’21 Men’s

Five Looks That Embodied Dior Fall ’21 Men’s

It is undeniable that designer Kim Jones has defined a new aesthetic for Dior men’s since he took over the creative direction of the brand in 2018. His confident understanding of traditional men’s wear, his refusal to conform with outdated and overly conventional men’s style rules and his respect for Dior’s heritage codes, including the house’s couture legacy, has allowed him to connect with consumers from all over the world. His rolodex of uber famous personal contacts happily willing to wear his creations — including David Beckham, K-pop music group BTS and fashion loving musician Maluma, to name a few — hasn’t hurt, either.
As part of his fashion genesis, Jones collaborated from the beginning with some of fashion’s close relatives in the contemporary art world. Teaming with artists like Kaws and Kenny Scharf, Jones has used his platform each season to inspire and educate a new generation through graphic storytelling, and in doing so giving an intellectual seal of approval to his creations. For fall 2021, Jones collaborated with Scottish-born painter Peter Doig. The blend of Dior’s couture elements, Doig’s rich visual repertoire and Jones’ mastery of ceremonial military uniform construction was this season’s proven success formula. Here are our top five looks that define fall 2021 Dior Men:

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Look 1
Photo courtesy of Dior 

Look 1 is key in most runway shows. This black coat covered in a dense gold and rhinestone pattern required 1,200 hours of embroidery and was inspired by a Dior couture evening gown designed by Marc Bohan in the 1960s. Worn over a military-influenced, star-button suit, it was the most ornate of all. Perhaps not the most realistic look for the present day, but fabulous nonetheless.
Look 18
Photo courtesy of Dior 

An example of a successful art collaboration, Look 18 features a lion, a theme in Peter Doig’s paintings, in the form of an eye-catching graphic embellishment on this rich brushed mohair sweater. Its painterly resemblance to the actual art piece is a testament to the house’s atelier artisanal know how. The bowler hat designed by Stephen Jones, Dior’s resident milliner, was hand painted by Doig himself and will be sold in small quantities to VIP clients.
Look 42
Photo courtesy of Dior 

Jones’ obsession with military garments is no secret. Uniforms are a central theme of the collection — a reference to the designer’s graduate collection at London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2002. This ceremonial-yet-sophisticated take is also influenced by the designer’s research of the ceremonial tail-coated attire, which was the required dress code for artists when inducted into the Academie des Beaux-Art. Look 42 serves as the perfect example of Dior’s glam “army of fashion lovers.”
Look 13
Photo courtesy of Dior 

The color palette of the collection largely ranges from Dior gray to muted blues and browns — inspired by the painters work — but an infusion of vivid yellows and oranges pumps up a sense of energy and happiness. Look 13, a bright yellow cropped anorak with silver embroidery worn over an off-white admiral’s jackets and baggy military pants, gives a ‘90s vibe and lends a more commercial angle to the offering.

Look 10
Photo courtesy of Dior 

Doig’s art piece Moruga (2002-2008) was the starting point for the creative camouflage print featured on look 10. This elevated take on army fatigues is another important takeaway from the collection, and the use of this print on the new season’s Saddle bag is definitely a highlight that blends right in.

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