This Bonkers Accessory Concept Will Turn the Tesla Cybertruck into a Catamaran

This Bonkers Accessory Concept Will Turn the Tesla Cybertruck into a Catamaran

The Tesla Cybertruck may still be more than a year away from production, but that hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from dreaming up increasingly outlandish accessories for the EV.

The latest to catch our eye is the Cybercat, a DIY add-on that will let you turn the battery-powered pickup into a catamaran. It’s a concept that’s so out there, it’s actually surprising that Elon Musk or Tesla didn’t come up with it first.

The aftermarket accessory is the brainchild of Anthony Diamond, a materials science and engineering Ph.D. and early Cybertruck reservation holder, according to the concept’s website. Diamond lives on Puget Sound in Washington and has long been interested in a convenient and clean vehicle he could use to “hop across” the water without having to park it like a boat. His solution? Turn the Cybertruck into a ride that can do just that.

The Cybercat Foiler 


The Cybercat consists of a conversion kit that takes about as long to assemble as it does to launch a boat. It consists of two pontoons for floatation and anywhere from one to five 50 kW outboard motors, each of which is powered by the Cybertruck’s battery. Once it’s set up, you’ll be able to zip across the water quickly and smoothly thanks to the pickup’s adaptive air suspension. Best of all, once you’ve made it to land, you can break down the kit and store it in the back of the EV.
Since the Cybertruck hasn’t gone into production, there is no working prototype yet, but the Cybercat will aim to reach speeds in excess of 25 mph and for a range that falls between 50 and 115 miles depending on speed, according to Eletrek. The brand also plans to offer a high-performance kit, the Cybercat Foiler, which will make the amphibious Cybertruck even faster and more efficient.

The Cybercat (left) and Cybercat Foiler (right) 


As ridiculous as Diamond’s concept may seem, there’s a patent pending for it, and the Cybercat website already allows you to sign up for reservation priority status. Pricing is expected to fall between $22,900 and $32,900, depending on the number of outboard motors, while the Cybercat Foiler will cost an additional $10,000.
If the Cybertruck does ever make it to production, it sounds like you’ll be able to drive it over both land and sea.

Meet the Mega-Cat, a 100-Foot Sail Catamaran That’s Like a Boutique Hotel on Two Hulls

Meet the Mega-Cat, a 100-Foot Sail Catamaran That’s Like a Boutique Hotel on Two Hulls

For Sunreef Yachts, size matters. Over the past few years, the Polish shipyard has steadily been bolstering its fleet with large and luxurious catamarans. The latest one spans a lofty 100 feet.

Nicknamed the “mega-cat,” the Sunreef 100 was designed in-house and joins the yard’s ever-expanding line of sailing multihulls that runs the gamut from a nimble 50-footer all the way up to a spacious 80-footer. Sunreef says its newest craft is made for cruising worldwide in total luxury, and judging by its specs, it’ll have plenty of room to accommodate the high life.

Built in composite, the cat sports a sleek silhouette and clean lines that reflect Sunreef’s DNA. It’s equipped with twin 280 hp engines and a stately sail to supplement propulsion. This not only increases the Sunreef 100’s efficiency but also makes it more eco-friendly.

The spacious interior is fully customizable, of course. 

Sunreef Yachts

The vessel’s 42-foot beam creates an impressive living space that measures just shy of 4,700 square feet. The customizable interior features luxe accommodation for 12 guests and owners can opt to incorporate a spa area, office, bar and/or fitness room.
Outside, the vessel sports a large flybridge and bow terrace for alfresco wining and dining. It’s also equipped with a hydraulic platform aft that doubles as a beach club when lowered for seaside entertaining. Elsewhere, there is a garage that can store a pair of Jetskis.
The debut of the Sunreef 100 comes shortly after the yard delivered the ultra-modern 80-foot Great White to tennis star Rafael Nadal and signals its commitment toward this new type of multihull.
Sunreef isn’t the only yacht builder taking things bigger, either. Catamarans have slowly been getting larger and more luxurious. For proof, look no further than recent launches such as Lagoon’s Sixty 7, Horizon’s PC74 and the Aquila 70.
It looks like there’ll be plenty more mega-cats prowling the seas.

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