This Smartphone Might Just Be the Coolest Tech Accessory Spotted at Paris Fashion Week

This Smartphone Might Just Be the Coolest Tech Accessory Spotted at Paris Fashion Week

realme 9 Pro+ Photo: Courtesy of realme
realme has been dubbed the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand—and for good reason. After being established in 2018, its range of smartphones and lifestyle technology devices has quickly disrupted the market, all while making cutting-edge technologies more accessible. Now, the brand is bringing a new invention to its global user base of over 100 million: its realme 9 Pro Series. And while it’s a tech investment worth checking out, it also happens to make an edgy accessory, as seen at Paris Fashion Week, where it became the first smartphone brand to make a debut at the event.
The new launch falls in line with realme’s signature of offering trend-setting designs with premium specs and quality to young consumers at affordable prices. For those who value style, the brand’s range of devices with sleek structures and eye-catching colors is a no-brainer.

Inspired by the sun’s rays, the realme 9 Pro Series adopts the unique and innovative Light Shift Design. The vivid blue smartphone, which has aptly been named ‘Sunrise Blue’ comes to life when exposed to natural light, switching from blue to red, thanks to its photochromic technology, which is years ahead of its time. In addition to the dazzling hybrid stardust layering, is realme’s first 3-layer grain process. All three colors use a ground-breaking 3-layer process that creates a stardust effect, and a stunning color-filled shine with a vibrant vertical beam that gleams from every angle.
Sunrise Blue. Photo: Courtesy of realme
Midnight Black. Photo: Courtesy of realme
Aurora Green. Photo: Courtesy of realme
Along with the light design, the realme 9 Pro+ also offers users the first ever Sony IMX766 OIS flagship camera with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) technology with a super large 1/1.56″ sensor size and large pixel area that offers some of the features generally found in higher-end models. What does that mean for us? Great photo quality, of course.
Shot on realme 9 Pro+. Photo: Courtesy of realme
Shot on realme 9 Pro+. Photo: Courtesy of realme
Shot on realme 9 Pro+. Photo: Courtesy of realme
What makes realme a name to note is that it’s rapidly riding the charts to lead in the technology industry. But that’s not all; the smartphone brand has also managed to successfully venture into the sphere of fashion with its collaboration with Copenhagen-based label Heliot Emil. To do the phone justice, brothers Victor and Julius Juul created a utilitarian strap bag for realme in classic black leather, complete with silver hardware and cut-outs that allow the realme 9 Pro’s brilliant blue body to shine through.  The chest strap bag, which debuted at Paris Fashion Week this year, brought together functionality and meticulous craftsmanship, proving that technology and great style are always a good combo. Its versatility is another plus—strap your phone over a dress to give girly silhouettes an edgy spin, or top your slouchy blazer with it to give formal wear a casual edge.
Victor and Julius Juul of Heliot Emil. Photo: Courtesy realme
If you thought realme’s collab with Heliot Emil was a first, however, you couldn’t be more wrong. The smartphone has had a handful of memorable fashion moments over the years, with guest designers including Naoto Fukasawa, Japanese Master of Contemporary Industrial Designs, and Jose Levy, Cooperated Designer of Hermès. Below, take a closer look at the phone of the future, and its street style-worthy holster.
In the GCC region, the realme 9 series launched on May 16. The products will also be available for purchase on their official website. 

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